The Garden Showcase is a great way to show off your personal garden, upload all of those wonderful images of botanical gardens and arboretums you visit, or track the progress of landscaping projects. You'll have the ability to create albums of images and fill in helpful details like location, soil, climate and zone, to help others find your garden. You can even tag the individual plants in each image which will link directly to that plant's PlantFiles page, available vendors and any trade lists that include the plant. What a great way to document your daylily bed or hosta garden!

In addition to sharing your own photos, you can use the Garden Showcase to gather inspiration and ideas. Search the Garden Showcase for other members' gardens with features you desire. If you want to see other container gardens, shade gardens or temperate gardens, the system will pull them up for you. It can even search for specific plants! Share your gardens, or gardens you find interesting on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media applications.

This image shows a sample Garden Showcase page with tagged plants. Hover your mouse over the green icon, the plant description will pop up and a link will take you directly to that specific cultivar in PlantFiles. You can add tags at any point because you'll always have editing access for your albums. You can visit my personal album, 'Front Porch Garden' here. Stop in and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

The Garden Showcase is still in Beta mode, which means that we will continue updating it based on the response it receives in the Dave's Garden community. We have a special discussion forum created for the Garden Showcase where you can chat with other users and ask for assistance in using the features. It is a free access forum and available to everyone. Feel free to stop by and offer your feedback.

We would like to thank the tech team who have worked so hard over the past months to give us this exciting new tool and hope you are as thrilled with the Garden Showcase as we are. Please explore to your heart's content and start creating your own albums. Welcome to the Garden Showcase!