Our PlantFiles database is one of the largest in the world and more than likely, one of the most diverse as well. Gardeners from every corner of the globe share their experiences and images of the plants they grow. Our new Garden Showcase feature lets us create albums of images too. These two on-line tools have come to the attention of Lureri Enterprises, a Norwegian company that is on the cutting edge of plant nutrition and health. The management contacted our corporate offices and has worked out a partnership for Dave's Garden members to field-trial their two newest products.

ImageLureri's research focuses mainly on enzymes that bond to a plant's cellular structure and permit it to thrive in conditions that might normally kill it. This could be a huge asset to gardeners who are always trying to ‘push their zone' and grow plants not suited for their climate.The great thing about this product is, it only works on the specific plants you apply it to, so there is no danger of offspring becoming invasive.

Over the last decade, they have worked to develop products that will change the face of gardening as we know it and Dave's Garden members will get the first chance to try them out in an expanded field trial. The two products are ArcticWarm and TropiCool.

ArcticWarm bonds with the cellular structure of a plant and allows it to withstand much colder conditions than its untreated neighbors. Lureri is hoping that this will allow gardeners in the northern latitudes to be able to grow plants once only suited for tropical zones without difficulty. It may be possible to even grow citrus trees in the north!

TropiCool also bonds with the plant's cellular structure, but it works with an opposite effect. Plants that require chill hours and temperatures below freezing to grow, will not need them to thrive. Bulbs can be treated, so that means growing tulips should be possible in the tropics!

Lureri is asking for all gardeners interested in taking part in this field trial to sign up using these links:

Those wanting to trial ArcticWarm, use this link.

Those wanting to trial TropiCool, use this link.

They will send you the product in the mail, along with instructions on how to report your experience. We're honored that Lureri chose our community for their expanded trial and hope that you are as anxious to get started as they are. Gardeners from all over the world are encouraged to select a product and take part in this unprecedented partnership. We can't wait to see your images and hear about your experiences!