The Plant Grown Around the World

Iris is one of those plants that people have enjoyed for years, back into the earliest recorded history. They come from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americans, and the Middle East. They can be found in gardens anywhere you can find a major city the world over. This is one of those plants that will fill almost any cubby hole, space, or soil condition you can throw at it. It is pleasing to know that the flower you are looking at could be seen by others the world over.

The Perfect Plant for Any Place

Like I said before, this plant can fill any space you can throw at it. There are no problem areas for the iris family. From tropical iris to those needing lots of cold, you can trust there is an iris that will meet the need of the soil, climate, and moisture you can throw at it. What other plant can you say that about? What other plant shares such a rich and varied history with family members able to grow in so many different places? This really is a miracle plant for the home gardener.

ImageThrive on Neglect

This is one of those plants that may not perform at its best but it will keep going on neglect. Often they can be seen marking the long lost graves, holding down the edges of long lost buildings, and sitting in the middle of a field with nothing around to show you why. They march on. They might not bloom the way they used to, but they bloom. Some have stood there for one hundred years and more holding their silent watch and they are still there. These will mark your garden after all the rest is long gone.


This is one of the plants that will make it. If given half a chance it will grow and, not only grow, it will spread. If given time it will take over its area and if left to its own will bully out other plants around it. Just a wonderful plant that you cannot stop, I have seen roots just thrown on top of the soil and they make it. They might not be the stars they could be but they are there – growing and waiting for its chance to shine.

I want to thank Pajaritomt, Jackieshar, Avmoran, Irisloverdee, Happygarden, and Doss for answering my many research questions for this article. Thank you to Badseed for the photos in this article.