Red Raspberries

Red raspberries are a delicious addition to any garden and fairly easy to grow as well. You can choose from plants that yield fruit in the summer or those that produce a little fruit in the summer and more in the fall. Summer fruiting bushes produce on one-year-old canes and fall fruiting bushes on new canes. You may also get a little fruit on summer producing bushes on the tips of new canes. Red raspberries are delicious fresh, frozen, or incorporated into a variety of dishes.

Two popular varieties are:
'Fall Red' - Berries on this fall bearing plant are small, red, and firm. They are vigorous growers and require support.
'Tulameen' - Berries of this summer bearing raspberry are very large and firm. Plants are late summer bearing and produce a plentiful harvest.


Golden-Yellow Raspberries

Golden-yellow raspberries are actually a variation of the red raspberry. They are quite a bit like the red raspberries but are yellow in color. Some say they have a very sweet yet mild taste like an apricot. These ever-bearing plants are tolerant to both heat and cold and resistant to many pests.

Two popular varieties include:
'Anne' - This plant yields late in the season and has a wonderful and unique flavor.
'Fallgold' - The fruit of this plant is soft and has excellent flavor. Berries can develop a reddish blush.

Purple Raspberries

Purple raspberries are hybrids of black and red raspberries. They have growth that is very similar to blackberries. Many people use these berries for pies because they have a very distinctive flavor. These plants are known to be insect resistant and very hardy.

Two excellent varieties to choose from include:
'Royalty' - Summer-bearing plants are extremely productive. Berries are large, soft and very sweet when ripe.
'Brandywine' - Large reddish-purple and tart berries are produced in the summer.


Black Raspberries (aka Black Caps)

Black cap raspberries have arched or training canes. New canes develop from the base of the old canes and bear fruit. These pretty berries have the highest amount of antioxidants of any berry.

Two well-known varieties include:
'Munger' - Fruit ripens in July and the berries are small, firm and blue-black in color. The flovor is good and the plant is tolerant of we soil.
'Bristol' - This plant produces medium-size fruit with a good flavor.

Whatever your preference, there's a raspberry that's right for you. If your local nursery doesn't carry what you're looking for, you'll find many mail order sources for Rubus varieties in PlantScout.