Single Accents

Sometimes just an accent can make the biggest statement. You don't need to clutter your home with large, expensive bouquets that take up unnecessary space. Use a simple mason jar to hold one or two carnations, lilies, or other fall flowers, and then place the jar on a stack of books, your mantel, windowsill, or table. Use this technique in various nooks around your home for bursts of color. If you don't have mason jars, get creative and use empty liquor bottles or other interesting glass jars you have lying around.

Use Greenery

If used correctly, autumn greenery can look just as stunning as autumn flowers. One benefit of greenery, however, is that it costs much less than flowers. Greenery looks very elegant, especially autumn branches and leaves. Arrange the greenery as a centerpiece for your dining room table or along your mantel for an inexpensive, yet sophisticated autumn aura. You'll have to replace the leaves often, and make sure to use ones that are not crispy and dead. When decorating with autumn leaves, it is best to use them when they have just changed colors and are still very flexible or even partially green.

Stemless Flowers

Remove the stems from a fall flower and then pair it with a candle for a cozy, welcoming autumn vibe. You don't need to fully surround a candle with flowers, but rather sporadically place one or two flower heads at the base of the candle. Use white candles for a classic, elegant effect or get creative with fall-colored candles like red, orange, yellow, purple, or green. For an illuminating and romantic autumn effect, place the flowerheads along with floating candles in shallow glass dish of water. All types of fall flowers look beautiful alongside candles.

Place Settings

Forget the huge centerpiece containing dozens of expensive flowers! Simply place a single fall flower, such as a sunflower or mum, at each place setting for an understated burst of color. Use white china and tablecloths to make the fall colors really stand out. You can place the flowers directly on the plates, next to the plates, or wherever you prefer. If you want to get more colorful, coordinate different fall flowers with your fall-inspired china or tablecloths.

Fall flowers are so versatile and inspiring, there are endless ways of using them in your home decor. No matter the style of your home, fall flowers are sure to complement and enhance your home for the autumn season. Fortunately, many varieties of fall flowers are very affordable for any budget. Using the simple tips above can help you stretch your budget while still creating a beautiful autumn-inspired atmosphere in your home.