A Small Standard Flower Show is like a Standard Flower Show except it has fewer classes. Our Small Standard Flower Show had two divisions; horticulture and design. The Design Division had three sections with four classes each, for a total of 12 designs. The Horticulture Division had six sections and many classes.
The title of the show was "Happy Holidays." Sections in the Horticulture Division included cut as well as container-grown specimens. The design division challenged some of the designers to interpret various themes of the season.
Here are some photos from the Horticulture Division. The first section is of container-grown foliage specimens. The second picture shows cut branches of blooming shrubs and trees which make up one of the Arboreal Sections. Other horticulture exhibited included cut foliage of herbaceous perennials, cut flowers of bulbous plants, and cut camellias (Camellia japonica) exhibited in cups.
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Classes in the Design Division were “Peace on Earth,” “A One-Horse Open Sleigh,” and “Silver Bells.” Below are some interpretations of these themes.
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Six Accredited Flower Show Judges (two panels) were invited to judge the show. Their gifts were potted poinsettias which served double duty by decorating the tables. Judges joined members for lunch, and it turned out to be a memorable event.
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It must be remembered that every club is made up of growers and designers with a broad range of talents and abilities. You will surely note this as you view the designs. Just remember that the purpose of the show was to celebrate the Christmas season and to enjoy sharing our plants and designs with club members and friends. Also, for viewers who are up-to-date on National Garden Club’s rules, please note that the date of this show was 2009. The show followed the rules of the day, but some of the horticulture sections do not follow all the rules for 2013. See a copy of the schedule here.

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Club members were delighted with the outcome of this show. The room was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and members marveled at the creativity and skill of those who exhibited their designs and horticulture. We all enjoyed the day and went home with sated apetites and merry hearts. That's what a flower show is all about.