Add in budget constraints and the fact that you have to mail it or giftwrap it for under the tree, and you may be left wandering down the aisles of your garden store or surfing the internet scratching your head. Well, here are a few ideas to get you started. You'll notice they are all under $50, and there are options for the special young gardeners on your gift list as well.

Soil Scooper Trooper

The new Soil Scoop has a great design that keeps dirt inside on its way to your container, and it also can be used to dig, weed, chop, cut, or plant in your garden. The Soil Scoop features a sharp point and serrated teeth in rust-free stainless steel and a bright colorful, ergonomically-designed wood handle. Garden Works. About $18. Online and in stores.

Bloomin' Smart Tool Belt

I don't know about you, but I always feel a bit silly wearing a tool belt while gardening. This one might change my mind. Made with heavy duty 6/6 nylon, it features four separate pockets that you can easily slide on or off the belt depending on what you need for your task. It will comfortably hold everything from your cell phone to your water bottle to your trowel. You can slide the pockets back when you're crouching and then slide them back to the front again when you move to a different job. $29.95 only at Gardener's Supply.

GrizzlyGrip Wheelbarrow Tool

This new heavy-duty grip attaches easily and quickly to all square handled wheelbarrows to hold your long-handled tools such as rakes, shovels, brooms or grass trimmers. It also includes a mesh bag for holding gloves, phone, or small tools. Looks like a real time-saver. GrizzlyGrip. $24.99. Online and in stores.

Colorful Hoses

I never think you can have too much color in the garden. Liven up a friend's growing space with these beautiful but heavy-duty, professional grade rubber hoses. With nickel-plated brass crush-proof couplings, these hoses will add a splash of color without sacrificing any quality. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber 50-Foot Garden Hose available in rainbow colors. About $48. Online and in stores.

Clever Rake/Bag Combo

Perfect for pet owners but also good for other small debris, this new rake and bag picker-upper combo is sure to come in handy in the lawn and garden. Recycle your plastic grocery bags by attaching them to the plastic frame. Then simply rake debris into the bag without bending or crouching. Bagup. $24.99 Online.

Cobra-shaped Weeder Tool

This cool-looking little guy could become your giftee's new favorite go-to gardening tool. Use it to weed, dig, plant and cultivate. On its cobra-like head, the 13-inch tool features a high carbon steel blade. You hold a colorful and comfortable handle made of 100% recycled material. CobraHead. $30. Online and in stores.

A Real Wheelbarrow for Kids

Children love to haul around dirt and leaves. This bright red wheelbarrow is scaled down in size, but it looks and acts just like Mom and Dad's. A corrosion-proof poly tray makes it light enough for young ones to push, and its sealed hardwood handles fit small hands. Measuring 33-by-17-by-15-3/4-inches, this hard-working wheelbarrow features a steel axle and ball bearings with a solid rubber tire. Ames True Temper. Retails for about $35. Online and in stores.

Tool Time

Kids like to have real tools to do real work in the garden alongside their parents and grandparents. Trouble is, our tools are just too big and unwieldy for small hands. Here's a set that will fit just right. The set includes a metal garden rake, spade, hoe and leaf rake each in a bright solid color and each with a 27.5-inch solid wood handle with a leather strap for hanging. Toysmith Kid's Big Tool Set. About $35. Online and in stores.

Big Kid Gloves for Big Kid Work

Young gardeners have sensitive hands, and many so-called "kids" gardening gloves look cute but offer little protection against thorns or sharp needles and twigs. Why not tuck these heavy-duty gloves in their stockings? Sized right for young hands, these gloves have leather-palms, a thorn shield, a safety cuff, a shirred wrist and reinforced knuckles and fingertips . In small, medium and large youth sizes. Toysmith. About $6. Online and in stores.