If I had to pick one tool in my tool pouch that I couldn't do without it would have to be the "Cobra Head."Image

It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests. It's ideal for making furrows for seed planting.
I've had mine for 4 or 5 years and couldn't do without it. It's available at Amazon.com or cobrahead.com; I also see them in a number of seed catalogs such as Baker Creek Heirleoom Seed and Gardener's Supply Company. The cost is about $20-$25.

A pair of quality pruners is another good bet. I strongly recommend Felco pruners. They will last a lifetime and the quality is unbeatable. All of the parts are replaceable. There are many styles to choose from. In the $40-$50 price range. At better garden centers or numerous mail order sources.

Has your gardener always wanted to take the Master Gardener course? This makes the perfect gift. Contact your local county extension office for schedules and prices.

Garden magazines are a great gift for the gardener that seems to have everything. Fine Gardening and Horticulture Magazine are good bets for the experienced gardener while Organic Gardening and Garden Gate will make most all gardeners happy.

For bird lovers a quality bird feeder is always a good choice. How about a Globe Cage Feeder? $26.95 from Gardener's Supply Company.Image

Maybe the man on your list would like man-sized gloves and rugged shirts and overalls that would keep him warm while prepping and pruning in cool weather and while out early in the spring getting the garden ready for planting. My Liberty Bib Overalls are my favorite attire in cool weather.

Do you have someone who is always willing to try new things? How about a butter-making kit? Enjoy the creamy flavor of freshly made butter with our easy-to use kit, which includes all the essentials you need for preparation and serving. Image

Just add a pint of heavy cream to the included container and shake-in 20 minutes you will have a batch of all-natural butter that's far superior to ordinary store-bought varieties. For some classic flavor options, the kit includes French sea salt and Herbs de Provence, or you can experiment by adding fresh herbs from your own garden. $29.95 from williams-sonoma.com.

Jumpstart planting - Help your gardener start the season sooner by making it easier to propagate new plants from seeds and cuttings. warming mats, grow light kits, or seed-starting systems make winter weather seem less frightful.

Seeds can be started with a windowsill kit or in an electric propagator. A tabletop model or a cart with shelves makes year-round gardening possible. Add packets of seeds as a stocking stuffer so your gardener can get planting right away.

Gardening books. Gardeners love to read about new varieties of flowers and veggies. Give them the gift of a good gardening book for Christmas. If you're not sure which book they would prefer, give them a gift certificate to a bookstore.

Gathering Basket is sturdy yet lightweight, this functional wood-and-wire basket makes the perfect gardener's companion. Image

Its oblong shape is just the right size for gathering up the fruits of your garden, or toting along your weeding tools. The galvanized metal basket allows excess dirt and debris to easily escape. Features thick, arched Paulownia wood handle and sides. $39.95 from WilliamsSonoma.com I have one of these and absolutely love it!

Do you have a gardener who has passed on? A wonderful way to remember and memorialize them is a memorial brick. Most Botanical Gardens have memorial areas where bricks can be placed to remember departed loved ones.Image

The one gift that you can't miss with is a gift certificate. A certificate from your gardener's favorite garden center or mail order catalog is sure to bring a smile to your gardeners face on Christmas morning.

How about buying that favorite gardener a subscription to Dave's Garden?

Image Let them know about all of the great things that go on right here?

There are many stocking stuffers suitable for your gardener. Garden gloves, hand tools, packets of their favorite seeds whether they are flower or vegetable.

I'm sure that any of the items listed above will make your favorite gardener happy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.