Garden hods are used for harvesting vegetables, fruits and flowers; they are usually constructed from pine or maple and covered with a food-grade vinyl mesh.

You can make a small or large garden hod varying in size, create a square box frame leaving the bottom and sides open for mesh to be applied for drainage, add a handle and you have the perfect gift for all produce lovers.

What you'll need:
1 x 6 inch 3-foot long pine or maple for box frame
1/2 inch food-safe mesh
Staples and staple gun
Small tack nails
Wooden dowel

Cut ends to desired size, 2 side rails and 2 base rails. Piece together with tack nails and wrap food-safe-mesh and apply with staples. Insert wooden dowel for handle, paint with food-safe glaze for added protection from water. Sides can be sanded round if desired.

Potato buckets are great for year round growing in a greenhouse. Simply take two 5 gallon buckets, 1 that fits snug inside another. The interior bucket should have square holes cut approximately 2 to 3 inches apart measuring 2 inches from the top and 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket and about 3-5 inches wide. Allow enough space to be cut that potatoes will be able to be pulled out through the spaces. When it's time for planting, potatoes will be planted in the interior bucket and placed inside the second bucket, once potatoes are ready to harvest simply pull the interior bucket out and pull potatoes from the hole cut, leaving 1 behind to grow a new plant allows for year round growing.

For a more extreme gift, a self-made aquaponics system is a great addition to a greenhouse and is much simpler than it seems. Aquaponics is quickly becoming the new way for planting. Not only allowing year round planting but conserving water and yielding a greater harvest in much less time. Home-made aquaponics systems are a creative way to turn a simple greenhouse into an extreme gardening system. There are many kits on the market for hundreds to thousands of dollars, a small home-made kit can be just as useful.

I highly recommend looking up various systems to decide which one best fits the needs for your gift idea. To create your own at-home system you can go to this website for details and plans.
An aquaponics system can even be set up solar power for the greener way of gardening.

No time to build? Here are some links to great stores for purchasing pre-made systems starting at $59 and up:

There are many great gift ideas for the gardener on your list from simple to extreme a little imagination and some creativity and you're sure to please.