With a little creativity and some basic craft supplies, you'll be surprised how much you can do with old catalogs. In fact, you'll probably start to look at catalogs differently after you begin reusing them. Discover five simple ways to reuse old catalogs below.

1. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking paper and cut-outs can really add up, so why not make your own? Catalogs come in many different genres including travel destinations, wedding, baby, etc. You can simply cut out pictures relevant to the theme of your scrapbook, and then apply them with a gluestick. The same goes for word cut-outs; you can cut those out, as well, and use them in your scrapbooks. Laminate the pictures and word cut-outs to add density and help conceal the fact that you cut them out of catalogues.

2. Gift Bow

If you want to add a personal, creative touch to a present, consider making a gift bow out of your old catalogues. Homemade gift bows are incredibly inexpensive to make, so you can save money during the holidays and make something unforgettable. All you need is a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun or stapler. You start by cutting out strips of catalog paper in different sizes. Twist both ends of each strip to form a loop, and then secure it with a staple or dot of hot glue. The bow is formed when you strategically layer the loops, starting with the larger loops at the bottom to form the base. Refer to the full directions here.

3. Inspiration Collage

Keep your goals in view with a homemade inspiration collage. All you need are some old catalogs, poster board, glue, and scissors. Cut out images that represent your future, what you desire to accomplish, and anything else you aspire to have or be. Just glue them onto the poster board and, if you want, laminate the poster to give your collage a shiny, uniform appearance. Hang the collage wherever you can see it on a daily basis so you always remember what you're pursuing in life.

4. Magnets

Are you tired of the same boring magnets on your fridge? Just cover them with interesting graphics or words from catalogs! It doesn't matter the shape or size of the magnets, they can be beautified with old catalogues. All you need is a stick of glue, scissors, and laminating paper; simply cut out pictures or words that are slightly larger than your magnets. Apply glue to the front of the magnet, and then completely cover the magnet with the images or words you cut out. Finally, cover the entire magnet with a single layer of laminating paper to prevent frayed edges and provide a sleek, finished appearance.

5. Unique Frames

Transform picture frames from drab to fab with old catalogs, some thin bamboo skewers, scissors, and a glue stick, and tacky glue. You simply tear out pages from the catalogue, being sure to use pages that have dominant colors you desire to feature on your frame. Cut the skewers to fit the frame. Fold each page in half vertically, and then cut along the fold line. Roll the catalog paper around the bamboo skewers, securing the ends with the glue stick. Using the tacky glue, secure the paper-covered skewers directly onto the frame, and then let dry.