Trellises provide much-needed support for growing plants and flowers. They also add a nice sense of height and dimension to your garden. While many garden stores sell practical and durable choices for this purpose, when you add a few unexpected household objects, you inject personality and whimsy to the space that work to make it uniquely yours.

Here are some ideas for attractive and interesting garden trellises made from repurposed household items:

Old wooden ladder: Wooden ladders tend to get wobbly after years of use. If you have a ladder you would just as soon not climb on anymore, let your vining plants do the climbing instead. A weathered ladder adds a rustic flair to your garden and looks great with plants winding up its steps.

Baby safety gate: We had a few of these in our garage and put them to use holding vining flowers and vegetables. You can simply lean the gate against a wall or tie plant stakes to the gate base in order to anchor it in the ground. Unused (or over-used) pet gates will also work well.

Crib rails: It's easy to remove the side rail from an old crib and repurpose it in your garden. Kids really like this touch.

Window frame: If you have replaced your windows recently or have any old window frames in your basement or garage, consider putting one or two to use in your garden. Make sure all glass is carefully removed from the frame and then place it among your flowers or veggies that need a little support. Experiment with placement for best advantage because a window can add some interesting depth and interest to your garden.

Door frame: Similarly, an old, unused wooden door can be a highlight of your garden. Be sure to anchor it securely so that it will withstand the elements. Some creative gardeners paint their doors with scenes or blocks of color, and others like a weathered natural look. The choice is yours.

Bicycles: Bicycles, even tricycles, of all shapes and sizes can be fun additions to your garden. Plants like to wind around the wheels and handlebars. If the bike has a basket, you can even add a potted plant or two there for more color and visual interest.

Bed springs: An old twin mattress bed spring is a natural as a trellis. It is lightweight yet strong enough to supply support for you plants. Experiment with different angles to suit your needs. Consider crib mattress springs as well.

Clothes drying rack: Do you have one of those wooden folding drying racks? Maybe it has gotten too wobbly to use or you just don't need it anymore. It can be a perfect garden trellis in a raised bed or elsewhere in your garden.

Gates or fence sections: Whether wood, iron or aluminum, gates or pieces of an old fence can offer attractive and stable vertical support.

Shutters: Wooden window shutters come in various widths and heights and can be just what you need for your plants. Be sure to open the slats to give your plants room to roam.

If you don't have any of these items in your home or garage, you can keep them in mind the next time you are at a yard sale or a thrift store. An old wrought-iron lamp stand or coat rack that you pick up for only a few dollars could be just what you need to give your garden an interesting focal point. Use your imagination!

One note of caution: if young children live in your home or frequent your yard, please let them know that even though they look inviting, your repurposed trellises are not safe for playing with or for climbing.