Making your own vertical garden is easy

Although you can spend a great deal of money on pre-made vertical gardens, you can also construct your own from any number of recycled and inexpensive materials. Following are some great examples.

Wood Pallet Gardens

Turning a wood pallet into an attractive vertical garden does not take much effort at all. If you have access to a wood shipping pallet that is in good condition, it will take only a few additional supplies and a couple of hours to create appealing vertical garden space. Start with a pallet that is in good condition and staple some heavy-duty landscaping fabric to the back and open bottom end. Fill the pallet with high-quality soil and place your plants. Great plants for pallet gardens include succulents, vines and other interesting annuals. Set your vertical pallet garden up against a wall, fence or other solid structure or even connect several to make an attractive living wall.

Living Picture

Decorate your outdoor living space with a living picture. This simple project adds charm and personality to any patio, deck or even sunporch. The best plants to use for a living picture are succulents.

They come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures and creating an amazing living picture is easy with so much to choose from. The easiest way to create a living picture is to purchase a premade succulent frame. This frame will come with wire that enables you to place each succulent in its own hole. Simply fill the frame with high-quality soil and place each succulent pup ( small plant) in its own space. Wait several weeks for the cuttings to root before hanging your picture vertically on a wall or other solid surface. Water once a week to keep plants moist.

Gutter Garden

A vertical gutter garden is a great way to adorn a fence or other bare surface or to hang. This project is so easy anyone can do it and won't cost a whole lot either. Simply purchase some inexpensive rain gutter pieces and cut them into 3-foot sections using tin snips. Drill some holes for chains if you plan to hang your gutter garden. Close off the ends of the gutter with gutter caps ( these are easy to find at most home and garden shops). Drill small drainage holes in the bottom of the gutter about 8 inches apart. Fill the gutter garden with high-quality soil and plant your favorite ornamentals or even edibles such as herbs, lettuce, strawberries etc.... Hang two or three of these together for an attractive display or mount them to a fence or other surface. Check your plants often as they may dry out quickly.

Pocket Garden

Pocket gardens are all the rage, especially for urban gardeners. If you really want to grow a few edibles but just don't have the space, a pocket garden is a fabulous solution. The most inexpensive way to create a pocket garden is by using a shoe holder. The pockets are the perfect size for lettuce, herbs, strawberries and more. Poke a few small holes in the bottom of each pocket for drainage, fill with a high-quality loamy soil and plant. Hang your pocket garden where it will get ample sunlight and water regularly for best results.

These are just a few of the many different ways that you can grow and display plants vertically in your landscape. Don't be afraid to experiment and come up with your own unique method of growing.

Just remember to select plants that are suitable for the climate in which you live and the containers you are growing them in. Also, keep in mind that plants grown in containers generally require a little more water than those planted directly in the ground.