Special Exhibits may include educational exhibits, youth exhibits, sponsored groups, and gardens. When garden clubs apply for an NGC Flower Show Achievement Award, a certain number of special exhibits must be included in the show. The previously mentioned special exhibits may be counted. Other sections that cannot count when applying for these awards are Artistic Crafts, Invitational Exhibits, Commercial Exhibits, and Plant Exchange/Sale.

The Artistic Crafts Section is the topic discussed in this article. Even though Artistic Crafts cannot count as a Special Exhibit when applying for NGC Flower Show Achievement Awards, its inclusion in shows is encouraged as it adds interest and offers exhibitors who are not skilled floral designers a chance to show their talents.

In a recent Standard Flower Show given by my garden club, the Artistic Crafts Section included three classes: decorated gift bags, necklaces made of plant material, and greeting cards using dried and pressed plant material. Below are the excerpts from the Flower Show Schedule giving directions for each class.

Division III, Special Exhibits

Section A. Artistic Crafts “Whimsical Crafts” The Artistic Craft Award (navy rosette) may be awarded to the highest scoring exhibit; must be a blue-ribbon winner scoring 95 points or higher.

Class 1: “Floral Greetings” Greeting card using dried and pressed flowers and foliage. Not to exceed 5½ inches by 4¼ inches in size. Cover may be laminated. Exhibit will be pinned to an 8” by 10” surface covered with black fabric.
Image Image Image

Class 2: “Nature’s Jewels” A necklace made of only plant material exhibited on a 9” tall black velvet necklace display stand provided by the committee.
Image Image Image

Class 3: Gifts from Nature” A decorated gift bag using some plant material. Tan bag provided by the committee is 8 inches wide by 10 inches tall. Will be exhibited in a standing position.
Image Image Image
Each Class consists of four exhibits each for a total of 12 exhibits. Ribbons were determined by panels of three Accredited Flower Show Judges. Photographs are arranged in the order of the ribbon won. I have included in this article only the three top places; blue, red, and yellow. The Artistic Crafts Award, or highest scoring exhibit in the section according to judges' opinions, was awarded to the blue ribbon decorated gift bag. Do you agree with the judges’ decisions?
Artistic Crafts Rules: No artificial plant material. Judged by the Standard System of Awarding using Scale of Points for Artistic Crafts: (Conformance to Schedule – 25, Design – 30, Craftsmanship – 25, Distinction – 20.) All exhibits must include some plant material, but if treated to alter its external appearance, it may only be used as dried plant material.