Once the larvae bite, they can remain attached to skin for several days before just falling off. Most chigger bites occur where clothing fits tightly, like around the waist, ankles, crotch, and armpits. These bright, red blisters or bumps are typically associated with the intense desire to itch and scratch. However, itching these affected areas can cause infection to occur. Although chigger bites can take up to three weeks to fully heal, there are natural ways to treat them and alleviate symptoms.

Warm Bath

The first thing you should do after noticing chigger bites is take a warm bath to detach any remaining chigger larvae from your skin. Wash your entire body with an antibacterial soap or any essential oil soap using a soft washcloth. Gently scrub your skin, focusing especially on those chigger-prone areas like your waist, armpits, crotch, and ankles. Add some Epsom Salt or cornstarch to your bath for extra soothing relief.

Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda has many uses, including relieving chigger bites. Simply make a paste of regular baking soda and water, adding just enough water to make the paste spreadable. Once the paste is an even consistency, spread it over your chigger bites while it's still wet. Let the paste fully dry on your skin before washing it off. Keeping the baking soda paste on your skin can help alleviate itching and redness. Of course, the longer you leave the paste on the more difficult it becomes to wash off your skin.

Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils are wonderful natural alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments. Lavender, thyme, and tea tree oil are the most common essential oils known to treat chigger bites. Simply apply one or two drops directly to each chigger bite and allow the oil to air-dry on your skin. Apply essential oils to the chigger bites every three hours initially, then less often as the bumps subside. You can also simply spray the essential oil directly onto the chigger bites using a glass spray bottle for immediate relief from itching.

Oatmeal Poultice

While this may seem a bit strange, oatmeal can actually help relieve chigger bites. Simply cook some oatmeal like you normally would for breakfast. Then, scrub the cooked oatmeal directly onto the affected chigger bites. Something about the oatmeal helps neutralize the allergy that causes chigger bites. Although this is a messy method of treating chigger bites, it's natural and affordable.


Experience quick relief from chigger bites using ordinary honey. You can slather the honey directly onto the affect areas using a cotton ball or apply the honey to band-aids and then adhere them onto the chigger bites. Although honey is sticky and messy, it seems to work well at alleviating the itching and redness.