More Plants Than Art

Do you have more plants or more garden art? We have all been by the house that makes you stop to take the photo. There is so much of "this and that" that the whole yard looks more like a junk yard than an expression of art. So when do you know you have too many? Key number one is, when the plants still outnumber the art, you are in the okay zone. Once you have to start counting the number of iris fans in the bed to see if there are more plants or art, or if you start counting the grass blades, then you have too much garden art.


When you can no longer mow the yard.

If you can no longer mow your yard with a mower but must mow the whole yard with a weed eater - not for its size but rather for the number of gnomes or flamingos in the yard, you have a problem. If you keep the bulk of your garden art in the flower beds, you are most likely okay. If you still have more plants than art, see above. The real key here is to leave at least a few good sized areas for grass to grow without anything else. This helps you and it keeps the local neighbors from giving you the stare.


When you remodel and use the new found pots.

When you start to remodel, or are just driving by and you pick up what others have thrown away and make them into a pot, or pond. This might be a stove, fridge, sink, toilet, heater, scrap lumber, or bathtub. Over all, what matters here is not the object but rather the way it is put to use. The more of these in your art collection the more dire the situation. When you are out and about, you will find these things and you will want to take them home and plant in them. You might even have a burning passion to build a whole little kitchen or bathroom (with plantings in everything) in the garden. Just be careful to keep them in good taste and not let them outnumber the plants in the garden.


People stop--thinking it is a weekly yard sale.

If, week in and week out, people are at your door asking if you are having a yard sale, you have too much garden art. Likewise, if you are in the area and people stop, thinking you have a yard art store, you have way too much garden art. The real key here is to have it arranged in such a way that it doesn't look like you must be having a yard sale. If this is an issue for you, then you might want to add a sign to your yard stating that the figures are not for sale.


You have a storage unit.

If you have a storage unit just for your out-of-season garden art, then you just might have too much! If you take things in and out of said storage unit each and every month, you know you have crossed the line with your garden art. The more time you have to spend taking in and out the season's worth of art, the more time you are taking from the garden and that, my friends, is a sad thing indeed.

Only you can say when you have too much garden art. No one but you can know for sure. Family and friends look at most gardeners with their garden art and always tend to say there is too much if there is anything at all. So take all the above with a small grain of salt. If it makes you happy - Carpe Diem!

All images are my own from my garden.