I don't know a gardener who doesn't love to share what they grow. The garden is a wonderful source of homemade gifts that are suitable for the holidays. Even if the recipient is not a gardener, they will love the handmade gifts from your garden.


If you are a seed saver, then gifting some of your seeds is a wonderful way to share your harvest. Wrap your seeds in some tissue paper and hand write a few notes about the characteristics of the plant and growing directions. You can embellish the seeds packets by packaging them in a small terracotta pot or in a newspaper pressed pot and tie a ribbon to close. New and experienced gardeners alike will love a gift of seeds.
For a unique gift that doubles as an ornament, make a seed ball to hang on your tree throughout the holidays and plant in your garden later.

Rooted Cuttings

Has one of your garden buddies admired one of your shrubs or flowers this past year? Give them a gift of rooted cuttings from the plants in your garden. You can easily root a cutting and present it in a decorative pot.


I love exchanging bulbs and rhizomes with other gardeners. The beauty of these types of plants is that they are made for sharing. Every so often I have to dig up my Irises and daffodils and need to divide them. I usually end up with so many that I have no room to plant them, so they sit in a box until I can find someone to pass them onto. These make wonderful gifts and any flower lover will find a place for them in their garden.


Any foodie would welcome a gift of herbs. If you dried any during the growing season, packaged them up in spice containers for gift giving. Also, try your own DIY herb blends and infused vinegars and oils for the food lover on your shopping list.
If you have some cold hardy herbs still thriving in your garden, cut a few handfuls and tie into an attractive bundle with a pretty ribbon. Present the tied, fresh herbs in a basket or mixing bowl and add a bottle of olive oil and vinegar to top it off.
For the food lover who doesn't like to cook, consider a gift of freshly made herb butter. You can easily make herb butter with fresh or dried herbs. Begin with a pound of soften, unsalted butter. Chop some fresh herbs(or dried) and blend them thoroughly with the softened butter. Spread the herb-butter mixture on a sheet of wax paper and roll it up tightly into a tube (like a tootsie roll). Twist the ends shut and refrigerate. Place the herb butter in a basket with a loaf of crusty bread for a delicious gift anyone would love.

Preserved Food

Remember all those tomatoes and green beans you canned this summer? Give them as gifts. There is nothing more special than sharing your harvest. Even if you gave away fresh vegetables over the summer, your friends and family would appreciate getting their hands on some of your homemade canned goods too! Other gardeners appreciated receiving your preserved foods too. I can various vegetables, but I eagerly anticipate my gift of homemade apple butter and sauerkraut from my in-laws every Christmas.

Baked Goods

I still have about 100 pounds of shredded zucchini in my freezer from this past summer. I plan to make mounds of zucchini bread and give them as gifts. If you have a vast amount of pumpkin puree or applesauce, bake it up for gift giving. If you are more of a jams and jellies maker, package it up with a loaf of bread or a tray of cookies for a gift. Your friends will love you for it!

DIY Beauty

Beauty products are easy and fun to make with ingredients from you garden. Sea salt or raw sugar can be infused with herbs or rose petals and given as gifts.
To make an infused scrub, mix together a half cup of oil, such as almond or grape seed oil, with one cup of fine sea salt or raw sugar that you have already infused with herbs or rose petals. Mix well and store in tightly sealed jars. Add a pretty ribbon to the jar and your gift is ready to go!
For a luxurious gift that all gardeners would love, try making lotion bars. These can be made with beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter melted together and poured into a mold. For added aroma, add some dried lavender or other essential oils into the melted oils before you pour it into the molds. Once they have cooled and hardened, wrapped the lotion bars up in some craft paper and tie with string. Every time the recipient moisturizes their chapped hands with their lotion bar, they will think of you.


A gift of a handmade ornament is always appreciated during the holidays. Make some from dried gourds and other plants for a one of a kind gift. Ornaments can be made from various dried plants. This charming Santa ornament was made from dried okra.
Use the dried plant matter in your yard to create whimsical fairies and other woodland creatures for natural ornaments. Pine cones, twigs and other dried plants can become a work of art with some creativity and a glue gun.
Gather moss, succulents, pine cones and acorns to create a living "gift" basket. These types of baskets are great because they can be placed in a sunny window throughout the holidays for decor and then placed back out when the weather is warm.
The holidays can get stressful and expensive but it doesn't have to be if you have a garden. Get creative, homemade gifts can be simple, and they are always appreciated because they are made and given with love.