Setting up a year calendar with dates for fertilizing particular plant species.

Decide and research what you will be using and plan to make notes during the year on your results. Drink some coffee.

Imagine how much better your plants would look if they were on an optimum feeding schedule. Wonder what fertilizers you have in the garage.

Going through all those bottles of fertilizers/insecticides etc. and narrowing it down to what you actually use. Freecycle the rest.

ImageMake another pot of coffee. Venture out into the garage (yikes SPIDERS!) armed with a box and a rag. Clean off the bottles before making the decision. I wonder if these have a due by date? WOW what is THIS stuff doing here? Who would WANT this? Abandon freecycle idea. Vow to take the box to the ‘harmful chemicals' special drop off point. Drink the rest of the coffee (wait ... what did I just use this mug for???)

Make a map of your garden and decide where to move/add/remove plants.Image

I can just ESTIMATE the size of my garden can't I? No wait, there has to be a map of the property here somewhere. Is it lunchtime yet? Oh look, baby pictures of Ryan HOW CUTE. I'm sure he will want to show those to his fiancée. Put pictures in the box originally intended to ship plantlets to DG plant swapper. Better eat the rest of that cheese before it goes bad.

Finish that database for all your plants on PowerPoint/Excel; vow to keep it up to date.

Have some chocolate. Retrieve list from last fall. I haven't seen that Plumeria Pudica in a while. I wonder what happened to it. I hope the neighbor's kid didn't run his bike into it like he does. I should really speak to his mother. Maybe I should speak to our attorney. Maybe I should draft up a letter first. Those boxes of chocolate get smaller all the time.

Make sure to have at least ten weather sites on your computer desktop so you can get the latest breaking news on the latest breaking storm front.Image

Is there any ice cream left? Lord that fridge needs cleaning. I wonder if that foie gras is still good. Could have had that for lunch. Bet it will be nice with a drink later on. Then again, why wait till later?

Research all the weeds that have been popping up in your yard and how to deal with them.

Oh a new feature: the TV schedule is on the computer. I wonder if there are good reruns of American Idol on? WHO let that girl on American Idol; and Simon is such a rat, but he must have been impressed by her figure or he would NEVER have let her through. What was I doing again?

Start looking for a second job to pay for the greenhouse heaters.

Maybe a paper route would be a good idea, I hear people make LOTS of money at those. And really, instead of sitting at the computer at 5 am I could be making some spare change. Is it the cocktail hour yet?

Close the shades to the blinding glare that is messing with your computer screen.

WAIT!? Blinding Glare???? Is that the SUN??Image

I'm outta here...... that was a USEFUL day!

* I don't mean to imply anything negative about the English; it is just that while living in England for 14 years I noticed they would never postpone any outdoor activity (gardening, golf, watch the kids play rugby, picnic) because of inclement weather! Remember, the Barbour coat was invented there!