In this article you will find the plant name, one of the image choices, and a few basic pieces of information on growing. All of these plants are simple, easy, and a delight in the house. From the very simple to the very unique you will find plants that just might be the perfect fit for your home.

Aglaonema - Chinese Evergreen. This is a very durable foliage plant with a very compact growth habit. This plant loves full sun but can live in diffused light or even light shade. Thank you to cactus_lover for the image.

ImageAir Root Plant - Succulent plant sometimes called Mother of Thousands. The baby plants form on the leaves of the mother plant. Give this plant a warm, east facing window with full sun light. Thank you to growth_is_good for the image.

ImageAloe - The classic succulent with rosette forming leaves. The leaves contain a sap that is said to heal burns. It needs full sun and loves to spend the summer in the sun outside. Thank you to Dinu for the image.

ImageFalse Aralia - A graceful upright shrub that is often used as a floor accent, they can get four to eight feet in height. They need high humidity and moist soil with moderate or diffused light. Thank you to Neit for the image.

ImageMing Aralia - Graceful shrub with fine cut foliage held up on brown twisting stems. Needs filtered sun and very moist soil. Thank you to sclarke for the image.

ImageBegonia - Prized plants for their richly colored foliage and bright shiny flowers. Diffused light is needed and keep the pot on top of a tray of pebbles to help keep the leaves humid. Thank you to Happenstance for the image.

ImageCoffee Tree - A very shrubby and upright plant that, when three years old and in the right place, will bloom and grow your own little coffee beans. Needs high humidity and moist but not wet soil to bloom and grow for years and years to come. Thank you to Evert for the image.

ImageDracaena - Also called Corn Plant, this is the most basic and simple of plants to grow. They are simple to grow and love diffused to full sun light. Large specimens are great as focal points. They can grow well over six feet tall. Thank you to yvana for the image.

ImageWeeping Fig - Evergreen tree or shrub that has a habit of growing with jumps at maturity. It grows until you have to trim the top to fit your room. This plant hates to be moved. Even a few inches to the right or left and it will drop its leaves. Thank you to cri for the image.

ImageIvy - The best starter house plant. With so many to choose from on the market today, you can find one that matches your décor and needs. Most ivy needs diffused light and moist soil to grow. Thank you to tiredwabbit for the image.

ImageJade Plant - A tree-like succulent with thick branching stems. If you are lucky, you might see the wonderful flowers. It needs great sunlight in a eastern facing window. Thank you to chuckhk for the image.

ImagePeacock Plant - Great basket plant. The leaves are bright and clean and can reach a height of up to two feet. The red undersides of the leaves are a great contrast in the home. Thank you to Equilibrium for the image.

ImagePhilodendron - The easiest plant to grow, you can almost point and the plant will start to grow for you! The heart shaped leaves can take a lot of abuse and are not fussy at all. Thank you to Sunshine12 for the image.

ImagePineapple - A simple and fun plant to add to your indoor garden. The sharp leaves can be tricky and will require some space in your home in order to move around them safely. Thank you to haighr for the image.

ImagePothos - This is the plant you see everywhere. It is easy to grow and impossible to kill. The plants can be started from simple cuttings placed in soil or water and can be left in soil or water for long periods of time with no fuss. Thank you to FloridaGardener for the image.

ImagePrayer Plant - Low spreading plant with leaves that fold up at night as if to pray. They have oval, vivid to pale green leaves with brown spots on the top and red under the leaves. They need moist soil, but are not fussy about light. Thank you to Eliza for the iamge.

ImageRubber Tree - Simple plant to let grow and forget about. The plant will reward you with a hardy bold accent. The open leaves add a warm tropical look to any room. It has average water needs. Thank you to tiredwabbit for the image.

ImageSnake Plant - A basic and old fashioned house plant that is hard to get rid of. Once you have this plant you will keep one for years to come. It thrives on neglect and grows little better with care. It is a great plant to grow for that added punch that something green can give a room. Thank you to zippy for the image.

ImageSpider Plant - Graceful, grassy plant that grows new plantlets from shoots off the sides. It is great in hanging baskets. Give it diffused light and moist soil and you will never have trouble with this plant. Thank you to DestinysPoetry for the image.

ImageTi Plant - Bold red leaves are held on little stems that rise above the soil. Give this plant very moist to wet soil and it will love you with leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Diffuse the light and just wait for the show! Thank you to jody for the image.

ImageWandering Jew - A fast growing vine that is perfect for hanging baskets. It is said to grow an inch a day and in the right place and with the right care it just might! Do not let the soil get soggy and remember it is not picky concerning light. Thank you to yvana for the image.