(Editor's note. this article was originally published on Feburary 28,2008. Your comments are welcome, but please note that the author may not be immeditely available to answer your questions.)

Wikipedia defines: "Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space. The actual term is slang for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a party is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period."

This is the time of year, for me anyways. February. Winter has been upon us for longer than I care to think about. Spring is still forever away.

I want to open a window!!

There are things that need doing but I don't have the motivation to do them.

Even my houseplants are depressed. Barely hanging in there, suffering from the severity of the fake heat. Their leaves drooping, begging for a soothing breeze and real rain.

The house plants want a window open too.

I long to hear the birds sing in the morning. Feel the earth beneath my bare feet. Smell that earthy, dew wormy scent after a rain.

ImageI'm sick of coats, mitts, boots, hats, scarves, gloves. The dogs are tired of frozen paws.

I'd have a bar-b-que but it's buried in 5 feet of snow.

The cats are restless. They keep following me to the front door, hoping to be let out, only to shrink back when the cold blast of -20 air hits their noses. They follow the sun beams across the floor, hoping to glean a little warmth from the weak rays. Those few and far between days when the sun shines.

The cats want a window open!!

They stare longingly at the window, occasionally reaching out with a paw at the frost glistening on the sill.

We're all grumpy. Cats, dogs, plants, me.

Moping around the house as though lost. Never settling on one particular task, can't stay focused longImage enough.

Day dreaming about spring Tulips, new leaves on the Maples.

Maple syrup!!

I bought a few bulbs to force on the windowsill. Didn't help much, instead they made me long even more for the garden.

Maybe if I started a few dandelions in a pot. I'll never complain about weeds again. I'd love to be outside, in the garden, yanking up Creeping Charlie right about now.

Bees buzzing in my ears. The sound of a Horn Worm munching Nicotiana leaves. Robins following me around catching bugs.

Can I open a window yet?

Maybe just a crack. Brrrr, maybe not.

Dirty looks from the cats. How dare I let that draft in!!


It's clouding over again. Going to snow some more. Will have to shovel yet again.

Cold, wet puddles on the carpet from melted snow off of the dogs feet. Cat's really hate those cold puddles. They stop, sit, and shake their paw, you can almost see them shiver.

Snow banks are so high I can't see to back out of the driveway.

Temperature was -25 this morning. Poor dogs were walking around 3-legged. Trying to do their business before their paws froze. Gave me pleading looks as if to say "Mom, make it warm up."

ImageI slip on some ice hidden under fresh, clean snow, landing on my keester. I want to cry, curl up in a ball and wait for spring. Dogs licking my face snaps me out of it. They are cold too, so cold they have to sit down, but can still make sure Mom is ok. I drag myself to my feet and pick up the puppy, tuck her inside my coat where it's warm. She's a bundle of shivering fur.

Chickadees begin calling. Blue jays winging around the bare honeysuckle bushes. Crows calling in the distance.

Snow begins falling. It's cold but calm.

We'll all survive, we always do. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate will help. Marshmallows floating on top.

I really want to open a window!!!