N- Never give up. Keep trying to make your garden dreams come true. Keep working at whatever it is you have in your heart for your garden to be, no matter what this year's garden looks like.

O- Openness. Keep your mind open to new ideas, plants, and concepts. You never know. What is new to you today might be your standard in just a few years.

P- People, not plants, are what matters. In the end of your days it is people and the bonds you built with them not the number of plants in your garden that matters. Take the time to let people into your world and use the garden for a happy place for your family to enjoy life too.

Q- Queen of the Yard. Find that one special plant that can be your crowning joy and be the queen of the yard. This will be the focal point. It can be something simple and common or something exotic and wonderful. Just make sure it is something you really and truly love.

R- Restart life. Whenever you plant a seed, a root, or take a cutting, you are taking part in the replaying of the first starting of life. Enjoy this drama and watch it unfold over and over again.

S- See the trees, not the forest. Fight to really see each tree, each plant, each leaf separate from the rest of the plant. Take the time to learn the wonder in each separate plant. When they bloom or get sick you will quickly know it.

T-Tomorrow is a new day. So this year's garden is a flop, so today you got nothing on your list done. What does it matter - did you enjoy life and your garden? Tomorrow will be there and it will come. Give it time and enjoy where you are now.

U- Use every inch of space. If it is in the flowerbeds, garden shed, greenhouse, or lawn make every inch of space count. Make everything matter in your garden, make everywhere you look an enjoyment for you to behold.

V- Very wise planting. Plant things together that have the same needs, use the same food, drink the same amount of summer water. This way you will be saving time and valuable resources.

W- What is it? Keep notes and records of everything you plant so when the time comes and you are looking for what the name of this great plant is, you will know.

X- eXamine your garden for pests. Looking early for pests will keep your garden in tip top shape. It is far better and easier to stop something when it is still on just one plant than once it reaches into the whole garden.

Y- You know best. When it comes to how to plant your garden, you know best. There is a feeling deep in the heart of every gardener that pulls them towards planting plants in the spot they would love to see them grow to start with.

Z- Zoom... That is the sound of your car, off to buy more plants. After all, no garden is ever done.

Image is in the public Domain and is the first known inscription, known as the Duenos Inscription.