Why do you want one?

Why do you want the garden? Are you trying to cover a view, spruce up the yard, or make a nice border to the yard? Start by thinking long and hard about why you want this new garden in the first place. This will make finding a place for the garden and space for the garden easy to find. The logical thing to do is, after you get out there and know why you really want this new garden, to start looking at where the new garden will go in your yard. Look out windows and doors, stand in the street and driveway, really get out there and take in all view points before you start marking the area this new garden will take over.

Where do you want it at?

Once you have the spot picked out and ready, get yourself several garden hoses. Lay them in the area you are looking at marking the edge of the garden you want to plant. Make sure you have large sweeping curves for easy care and simple, eye pleasing pleasure. Play with this a little and keep working on it until you are happy. Walk in the new garden area. Can you walk though with a wheelbarrow? Can you walk with a friend? Play with the hose and really get in there looking for how you can play with that line a little to make it just perfect. Now get spray paint and spray over the whole line you are looking at for the new garden.

How bad do you want it?

Here is the hard part. You have to dig out the old grass and whatever else is there. Dig down to get the root and try to leave the dirt on the grass. Get all the roots of the plants and call ahead to make sure there are no wires or pipes in the area you are going to be playing in. After you get out the old little green things covering your new garden, it is time to get the soil ready. I recommend adding 6 inches of compost over the entire new garden and double dig this into the whole area. After a soil test, you can mix in anything else you need to get the garden ready for plants.

What to plant.

Really look at what you are wanting to plant. Think about what you are wanting and the colors you are going to be working with. Think about seasons and when everything will bloom and will this garden have year round color or will there only be one big bloom time and then nothing for the rest of the year. There may be plants you want to add that will not work in the over all plan for the garden. You have to make the hard choices and think about what the real goal is of the garden you are planting. Be ruthless. Buy the biggest plants you can afford, start seeds, and take cuttings. Don't stop looking for that perfect plant. Ask, beg, borrow, and troll the internet looking for that plant that just works perfectly for the area you are trying to fill. Lastly, space things out. Do not over plant and overcrowd the garden that first year. Leave room for the garden and the plants in it to mature and grow over time.

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