So, ready to take the plunge and start something exciting and new? Get ready for the wonderful and strange world of theme gardens. These theme gardens are a new way to find and look for plants. They are not for everyone and you might get some strange looks from the folk who come to visit your garden but it is well worth knowing you have more than a garden, you have a theme. Here are a few theme gardens that are far from your run of the mill and sure to make your garden stand out from the rest.

Mad Hatter Garden

Drawing on the story of Alice in Wonderland, this is a tea party themed garden. This garden will have the scattered remnants of cups, and other tea serving equipment among the roots of the plants. The garden should have a natural groundcover and lots of seating under story trees. This garden will thrill children and should have a cottage-like feel with a touch of wonder. Adding a hole in a tree for the rabbit to live will be a wonderful addition.


Watering Hole Garden

Bring a touch of the old time west into your garden. Getting a few of the old time looking wine barrels, broken wheels, and old time looking odds and ends. There needs to be a pond, the type you could just see Huck Finn trying to fish in. Just using a part of the pond will do, and let things get a little bit overgrown-looking with vines, wildflowers, and shrubs. This is a great place for sitting back and thinking about the good old days.


Cheshire Cat Garden

This will be the cats meow garden. Fill with pink and purple flowers in a rather sunny location. Make sure you have catnip, both the low and the high old fashioned growing. Put a few bushes of pussy willow around the edge of the garden and you can enjoy it in the spring before everything else in the garden comes out and grows. This will be fun for kids and adults alike.


Lemon Fresh Garden

This garden will need to be in full sun and you should plant Lemon Balm and other citrus smelling plants to the garden for the aroma focus. Seeing there are very few lemon smelling plants that also have large showy flowers, add to the mix flowers that have that warm yellow feel to them. Look for plays in tone and color. Stay away from orange and white tones or you will never be able to pull off the lemon feel.


Addams Family Garden

Aside from the obvious of rose bushes around the edge, this would be a great and fun garden for play. You will need a bog in the center near the pathway, both sides of the pathway with carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Traps and Cobra Plants. Next, you will need to get Calla lilies growing in mass near the area. Planting rows of ferns and dark blood red roses will help the whole look. Add a vase or large pot or two in the garden with dead sticks to mimic the floral arrangements in their home. Have fun with your favorite family in this easy and eerie garden.

So have fun and add one of the above gardens to your yard, or take a look at something you love and add your own theme garden and share it here on Dave's Garden.

All images are in the public domain.