Oh how pretty those potato vines are; they bloom and everything !! Purty flowers! But it’s not those branches that support us with food – it’s the root – the lowly potato. Sweets, New, Yukon Golds, Purple – all yummy.

Potatos – fix them in every possible way you can imagine! Soups, salads, baked, sliced, diced, French fried, lyonaissed, gratin, salted cold as in Syracuse style, hashed and browned – just give me them taters!

They can be transformed into un-imagineable treats – I’ve heard about people who make candy out of them!

So….I have this little hand crank thingee and decided to stick a couple new potatoes on it. The potatoes came out in tiny little strings. Love it – these can be frozen for later use but for now will be quickly fried in a bit of oil in an old iron skillet with some diced peppers, garlic and onion. If I was a deep fryer kind of gal, they’d be dunked in hot oil and eaten as the skinniest shoestring potatoes ever! I need to think about that !

But what I had left intrigued me – my son detests mushrooms, we love ‘em. Hey! There was a tater mushroom left!


We can steam these and serve them as “tater-rooms” or “mush-a-toes” as a healthy skin on side-dish to any meat or fish entrees that will leave us all laughing as we eat, or just as a salad topper to add some carbs to a dinner salad. Either way, it’ll bring some great conversation to the dinner table about root vegetables and the versatility of their prep methods.

Potatoes are just another garden resource that is so often overlooked except as mashed or the tired old potato salad of picnics. Please don’t overlook the true root when looking for real food – it’s right there and can be consumed in so many ways.

As always, count your blessings and be fruitful and happy in your gardens!