For a wonderful aroma in your home, consider using dried herbs. If you're like me (cheap) you'd rather not buy the expensive artificial room sprays especially when you can go right out to the garden and gather fragrant herbs. A natural potpourri can be made by combining the dried leaves and flowers of cleveland sage with dried roses and lavender. Cleveland sage can scent a room on its own; it is a very strong scented herb.

Some herbs are used as insect repellants. A blend of tansy, lavender and rosemary is supposed to repel moths, while mint is said to repel flies and ants. It certainly won't hurt to hang herbs in the closet or doorway as they will smell wonderful while they are doing their 'job'. I make a carpet freshener with dried herbs as well. You can use the herbs that you have available and grind them in a coffee grinder that is repurposed for herbs. I don't think your coffee would taste the very good with the remnants of the herbs in it! Mix the herbs with baking soda and sprinkle the mix on your carpet. Let the powder sit for awhile before vacuuming your carpet. An added benefit will be that your vacuum bag will smell fresh and scent the air each time you use it.

Place a bag of lavender in your drawer, linen closet, car or even place one in your shoes to freshen them! Fill a muslin bag with lavender and toss the bag in the dryer and your clothes will come out smelling lovely. Try mixing other dried herbs with lavender, such as lemon balm or lemon verbena. I keep a bag of mixed herbs in my office to squeeze when I have a visitor that has a less than fresh odor about them! Just a few squeezes and a little waving around with the bag and my office is fresh and pleasant once again!


Lavender sachets and carpet freshener

Another great way to use herbs is in the fireplace. After you strip the dried herbs off the stem, wrap them in a bundle using cotton string and toss into the fire. Lavender, rosemary and sage are some of the herbs you can use. A basket full of these bundles can be placed by the fireplace so that they will be close by to toss into the fire often.

These are just a few of the many ways to keep your home smelling fresh with herbs. The wonderful thing about many herbs is that all of the parts can be useful.