Whether you simply prefer to garden indoors or don't really have the outdoor space to do so, you want your indoor garden to give you a feeling of peace and contentment. One of the ways you can do this is by working to create the most beautiful indoor garden space possible. Yes, you can use standard pots set in windows or an ordinary grow-light and seedling tray, but why not try something new and exciting this year with your indoor garden? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Decorative Wall Planters

Colorful Wall Planters on Wood Slats

Do you have a flair for getting crafty? Use recycled items or your favorite craft store or thrift-store finds to create mounted planters that double as wall art. Pots wrapped in natural cork, wooden planters, or decorative mugs on tiny shelves are all options for your wall planters. Choose a wall that naturally receives substantial natural light and make sure you keep those blinds open on the sunny days; small succulents and other indoor friendly plants will thrive here. For a really beautiful look, plant vine plants like Heartleaf Philodendron and watch the leaves create a "cascading waterfall" down your wall.

Plant Towers

Take advantage of vertical space with planters that have little pockets on the sides of a vertical tower, allowing each of the plants to grow "out" from a central spindle at a bit of an angle. Many people choose to create their own towers, and if you are technically-minded, consider rigging up a hydroponic watering system that recycles water that gets to the bottom of the tower back up to the top of the tower again. This is a nice way to consolidate all your plants in one place so you never forget to water; try to find a tower that moves easily so you can give each side of the tower its "place in the sun" during the day.

Mini Succulent Gardens or Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden in Small Pot

For offices or other places where there isn't a lot of room for beautiful indoor gardening, and not a lot of time for maintenance, consider creating a single-pot of various beautiful succulents, or a grouping of tiny pots along your windowsill. Tiny things are often very cute, so even the simplest set-up will make you smile when you create a mini-garden. Another way people do this is by incorporating one or two miniature plants into a "fairy garden" scene, with a little house where the fairy figurine lives. One afternoon of design can create a mini succulent garden or fairy garden that requires very little upkeep but will make your space feel more like home every time you look at it.

Vertical Herb Gardens

One really fun way to use the sunlight in your kitchen space is to create a hanging herb garden: suspend small pots of oregano, basil, chives, parsley, and other favorite herbs so that you can clip off just a sprig while cooking. You can create separate shelves for this herb garden, or you can suspend a variety of mason jars on sturdy twine from a rod at the top of the wall; the options are endless, and you can choose based on how large you would like the herbs to grow and what supplies you happen to have on hand.

Air Plant Terrariums

Air Plants Hanging on Wooden Wall

If you don't want to worry about soil, air plants can be a wonderful option: glass bulbs on strings, for instance, can hold air plants suspended in the air and make it easy to access them and spritz them with water when they need it. For a more complex construction, consider combining various air plants in a single terrarium alongside stone accents, sand, or other beautiful items. Make sure your air plants get some sunlight and that you pay attention to how much water they need, and this low-maintenance and beautiful indoor garden will keep your space looking interesting, minimalist, and green!

Indoor Mini Greenhouses

If you want to really create a lush variety of indoor plants, consider getting an indoor mini greenhouse. These tall, narrow shelves have a zippered clear plastic cover that allows you to keep it moist and warm inside. Placing the miniature greenhouse against a window gives the plants lots of sunlight, and if you unzip the cover, you can allow some of the built-up heat to escape. This can be a great way to germinate plants in pots that you want to grow in other areas of your home, or it can be a consolidated way to keep plants lush and safe in a home that contains animals that might otherwise take a nibble. While not always 'decorative' these greenhouses can make you feel like a professional and really add some brightness and color to your space.

No matter how you choose to decorate, make your indoor garden a creative outlet and a source of satisfaction, no matter how small or simple it may be!