I got married last year at the end of April, and one of the things I wanted to do was take care of the flowers myself. It was a small ceremony, so I figured I could handle it and went ahead and ordered several boxes of bulk flowers from an online retailer. It was just as much fun—and stress—as I had imagined, and I also learned that there is so much more you can do with wedding flowers than a bouquet. While I didn’t get to try all of these ideas, I would certainly have given them a go if I’d had more time.


Flower craft supplies

Flower crafts require specific supplies that you might not have lying around the house. For many crafts, especially those involving cut flowers, you will need floral tape, wire, and a sharp pair of scissors or shears.

You will also want a vase or bucket to keep your flowers in, and if you plan to dry or press your flowers, a dark closet to hang them in or wax paper and heavy books in which to press them. Some crafts may also require glue and other adhesives.


After the bridal bouquet, centerpieces are the most expensive floral arrangements couples purchase for their event. Choosing to do your own centerpieces saves money, but it also allows you a little more creativity. Fresh or dried flowers don’t have to be limited to a standard bouquet in a vase. You can also incorporate other natural elements, like driftwood, stones, or fruit, and your arrangements can transcend the traditional.

Arch Decorations

Decorating the archway with flowers adds color to your event, and choosing to do it yourself can be an intimate and creative endeavor. Depending on your wedding themes and venues, flower wreaths, garlands, and arrangements are all possibilities.

Flower garlands made from dried or living flowers are spectacular but time-consuming. Make sure you have plenty of florist tape and wire on hand, and don’t be afraid to add tulle and other decorations for extra flair.

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a great craft for children and couples and can be planned or made from leftover blossoms. They can be as detailed or as simple as you want to make them, and nothing is quite as adorable as a flower girl with a flower crown. Leftover blossoms can also be used as hair pieces for the bride and bridesmaids.


Floral wedding wreath

Floral wedding wreaths are a craft to do if you have many helping hands and plenty of time. Wreaths, which can also be incorporated into centerpieces, the arch, and on venue doorways, typically require additional supplies. You will need flowers, wire, glue, and a frame. Frames can be wire, wooden, or Styrofoam, and all produce stunning results.

Place Settings

The opportunities for working flowers into your place settings are nearly limitless. From cut flower napkin holders to pressed flower tablemats, the only constraints are budget and imagination. For a classic look, try adding dried, pressed flowers to name cards and table numbers, or create napkin holders out of plain wooden holders and dried flowers. Your guests can take these home, or you can keep them for future use.

Living napkin holders add splashes of color and can be made in several different ways. Florists tape and wire can help you create beautiful twisting stems that encircle the napkins and silverware, or you can work them into a piece of cloth or existing ring.

A simple way to make a pressed flower place mat is to arrange your pressed flowers between two clear dry erase boards and glue the flowers to the boards and the boards to each other. This creates a dramatic effect that is sure to impress your guests, especially if they are gardeners. Keep in mind that this craft does require planning ahead, and pressing flowers can take several weeks.

Flower Oil Lamp

If you are looking for a way to incorporate flowers into your lighting, a simple mason jar craft will give you a floral touch that your guests won’t forget. For this craft, you will need the jars themselves, large floating wicks, and vegetable oil in addition to the flowers.

Assemble your materials, and add the flowers and other decorations to the mason jars. Then, fill them with the decorations inside with water, leaving a little room at the top. Once you have done this, add vegetable oil to the top until it forms a layer 1/4-inch thick.

Finally, add the wick, light, and enjoy! Flowers typically last around a week in the water, so this can be made a few days before the wedding. And the best part is that if they spill, the water in the jars will put out the flames, giving you built-in fire protection.

These are just a few possibilities for wedding flower crafts. Please share your favorite ideas in the comment section below!