Jason Pelmont

Jason Pelmont is an editor at Dave’s Garden and is a firm believer that everyone should try to grow something at least once, regardless of how green their thumb may be.

His family will brag that Jason became a published writer at age 9, submitting jokes and short fiction stories to local publications.

Those early roots in writing would spread to include experience writing and performing comedy as well as studying journalism while writing for his high school newspaper. He earned a degree in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University, Northridge.

When he’s not editing work for the page or screen, Jason enjoys cooking and baking using whatever fresh herbs he can squeeze out of his indoor grower or balcony based veggie garden in sunny Los Angeles.

The first thing Jason ever grew was a simple cucumber plant. It was small, it took a lot of time,  but tasted delicious. He believes plants and agriculture are inseparable parts of human history that aren’t always shown the reverence they deserve. Growing and gardening is an important practice that allows us to connect to the past and remember how fragile and connected all living things are. Passing on that knowledge through Dave’s Garden is planting seeds for a better, greener tomorrow.

Jason’s favorite flower is the bee orchid because it’s a masterful con artist of plant evolution.