Laura Foreman

Laura Foreman is a copywriter and gardener living in coastal Northern California.  She comes from a long line of Midwestern farmers and New England gardeners, including a grandfather whose garden once made the local newspaper.  She grew up working in her parents home garden, which grew an assortment of vegetables as well as flowers and two huge hydrangea bushes. She mastered container gardening after years of apartment living and now tends a much larger plot with lots of fruit trees. She continues the family garden tradition by putting her kids to work to help with weeding, planting, harvesting and, of course, eating. Additionally, she looks forward to putting her harvest to use and finding new recipes for jams and compotes as well as cider, beer, wine, shrubs, and liquors.  The homestead isn’t limited to plants; she also has sheep, a goat, a horse and several chickens and recently learned to prepare, spin and dye wool for spinning and weaving. To see what she’s growing in the garden, follow her on Instagram or check out her blog, From the Garden Today or see what the sheep are up to at the blog, What the Flock.