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negative Meenchen 4 days ago

Never saw one until we moved from 5b to 6b. They ate the grape leaves, rose buds and flowers and bean leaves. There were mass beetle org...read more

negative vbgarden 5 days ago

I live on the Virginia coast and have had a large thicket of salvia guaranitica for 15 years. It's the best plant I've ever had for attra...read more

negative hamptons 5 days ago

Ha, I checked the list to make sure itís been officially noted in my area and it has. I have photos of these things going back for years...read more

positive MeMow 5 days ago

I discovered these guys here in north east Oregon about 3 years ago and I love them. It kind of freaked me out the first time I saw the h...read more

negative elaine322 6 days ago

These huge, disgusting creatures are all over in Spokane Valley, Washington also, and have been for at least the past several years! They...read more