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negative hamptons 4 weeks ago

Pill bugs & sow bugs are not the same bugs. Pill bugs are roly polys; sow bugs are not. Pill bugs are relatively harmless. Sow ...read more

negative wtbbab 4 weeks ago

They do indeed bite. Quite a hurtful bite for something so small and meek looking.

positive 4wolf43 4 weeks ago

I have never had a negative relation with the pill bug. I am 75 years of age and have always seen them on the Delmarva Peninsula.

neutral arries 4 weeks ago

I used to go out at night to collect snails. Iíve never observed those pillbugs climbing up the plants and making holes in the leaves. I...read more

positive SimpleSue 5 weeks ago

I am pleased to find so many other gardeners had positive reactions to the Leopard Slugs, and appreciated their beauty and enjoyed their ...read more