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negative ashleysgarden 2 days ago

I dont have any 1st hand indisputable knowledge. negative because of the claims in quick research about toxins where i'd rather play it ...read more

neutral Homestead96 3 weeks ago

Found in Hartford Arkansas. No damage seen as of yet to any of my plants, shrubs and trees.

neutral dontkillbugspls 4 weeks ago

The solifuge would attack a scorpion? I'm sure there would be easier pray for this soft bodied arachnid, a scorpion is armoured, angry, h...read more

positive dontkillbugspls 4 weeks ago

Why kill innocent creatures when you can trap them and relocate them? vinegaroons are awesome predators that lack any venom but a large v...read more

positive dontkillbugspls 4 weeks ago

in my opinion no bug is harmful because they bugs in your backyard were there before you planted your sissy plants, so they have a right ...read more