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neutral bobarang Yesterday

Seen a maybe 7 so far this summer around my back porch in Liverpool NY. They've been hovering around a known carpenter bee den in the rai...read more

neutral whitehorse9mark Yesterday

I found one of these on my garbage can. I assume it was injured because it was lying on its back moving it's legs around trying to flip o...read more

positive Indy5QQ 3 days ago

While sitting outside on the covered porch this large flying insect comes buzzing around my multi-color L.E.D. chili lights. Its running...read more

positive FlyPoison 3 days ago

I recently discovered these unique cats on some common milkweed. I was more than generous letting them completely defoliate several indi...read more

neutral Opusnbill 2 weeks ago

I get a lot of carpenter bees each year, but haven't seen these until this year. Lexington, KY.