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negative RobertCrandall 6 days ago

This is the worst year we have ever had with these bugs. We have a few hundred Fruit trees and the do minor damage to them. However the y...read more

neutral jimbarlow89 2 weeks ago

I have had some success controlling milkweed bugs using insecticidal soap if the outbreak is small. once the outbreak is large, I was not...read more

positive london12 2 weeks ago

Without these animals and many others of a similar nature the world would be a plague house of stink and disease.

neutral JudyPage76 3 weeks ago

Just found two after a day of rain in The Woodlands, TX (near Houston).

positive WeeHector 3 weeks ago

Apart from the usual difference in abdomen size, females can be easily identified by the yellowish band below the eyes. In addition, the ...read more