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neutral EyeGarden Yesterday

I just read this on another site, where the blogger's butterfly weed was infested with milkweed bugs: "We have had no further infestat...read more

negative taffyblue 4 days ago

If these are the same bugs I see in my yard, I hate them. It seems that they hang out at my neighbor's ficus tree and in the morning the...read more

positive RosinaBloom 2 weeks ago

I found him in late May whilst staying in the Glenvillle Lake area, North Carolina.

negative gffrenemy 3 weeks ago

Thee bugs are the ultimate destroyers of tomato plants in central Florida. I try hard to avoid pesticides - I've planted trap crops of m...read more

neutral gffrenemy 3 weeks ago

I have 5 small purple passion vines on two arched trellises. The GF's are swarming them. I live in a pine flat wood forest in West c...read more