Viewing Families in the Order "Odonata (part 1)" (Damselflies)

Damselflies are in an order containing about 5,000 species worldwide. Ancient fossils of damselflies have been found as far back as 325 million years ago. Often mistaken for dragonflies, they usually live near ponds, streams and lakes. They have large heads with compound eyes, two pairs of wings with membranes, and long thin bodies. Damselfly bodies are a little smaller then dragonflies and they hold their wings together above their body. They have exceptional visual abilities, but damselflies fly more slowly than dragonflies. Water-dwelling damselfly larvae have three fin-like gills and hatch from long, cylindrical eggs. Their lifespan is only about a year and their diet consists of other insects. Fishing flies that mimic damselflies are commonly used in fly fishing.

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