Viewing Families in the Order "Odonata (part 2)" (Dragonflies)

Dragonflies are part of an order of about 3,000 species with fossil evidence of the order from as far back as 325 million years ago. They are found mostly in tropical and temperate areas but can be found worldwide near freshwater lakes and ponds. Dragonflies have multifaceted eyes, two pairs of transparent wings, and long, thin bodies. They hold their wings flat, away from their bodies. Dragonflies have bright metallic-looking colors and are agile fliers. They are predators in both their larval and adult stages and eat a wide variety of insects. They live for several years as a 'nymph' in freshwater and only live for a few days or weeks as an adult. As a nymph they eat bloodworms, tadpoles and small fish. Dragonflies are attracted to shiny objects that they misinterpret as bodies of water. For centuries, the art world has used images of dragonflies in jewelry and many types of decoration.

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