Viewing Families in the Order "Orthoptera" (Grasshoppers and Crickets)

There are approximately 11,000 different species of grasshoppers and crickets. Although they are more diverse in the tropics, they are found everywhere in the world excluding Antarctica. Grasshoppers are known for making a sound called 'stridulation' by rubbing their wings on their legs. They have large compound eyes, a long body, strong hind legs used for jumping, short antennae, and mandibles used to bite and chew. Crickets are nocturnal, have longer antennae and make a chirping sound by rubbing their wings together. Both groups lay eggs on the ground, which hatch young that resemble small, wingless versions of the adults. Through various molts their wings develop until they are fully winged adults. They live in forests and fields and feed on all types of plants. When grasshoppers and crickets swarm they can cause serious agricultural damage and destroy crops over wide areas.

Orthoptera 1