Viewing Families in the Order "Solifugae" (Windscorpions)

Windscorpions have approximately 900 known species worldwide and about 120 are in North America. They move very fast and their name means ?Move like the wind?. Most Windscorpions are nocturnal but some are attracted to light. They live in tropical climates and dry desert areas of the Americas, Africa and Asia. They look very much like a spider and can be up to 5-6 inches long. Windscorpions have large central eyes and mouth parts or jaws that are used like pinchers to cut through prey. They do not spin webs as spiders do but they attack prey such as termites, beetles, snakes and lizards. Windscorpions are not aggressive to humans but they can produce a very painful bite.

Solifugae 1