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Clemens' False Skeletonizer Moth (Acoloithus falsarius) Image
Purple-crested Slug Moth (Adoneta spinuloides) Image
Ipsilon Dart Moth (Agrotis ipsilon) Image
Brown-shaded Gray Moth (Anacamptodes defectaria) Image
White-spotted Sable Moth (Anania funebris glomeralis) Image
Dotted Sallow Moth (Anathix ralla) Image
Variable Antepione Moth (Antepione thisoaria) Image
Nais Tiger Moth (Apantesis nais) Image
Kentucky Flat Millipede (Apheloria virginiensis) Image
Inverted Y Slug Moth (Apoda y-inversum) Image
Two-spotted Looper (Autographa bimaculata) Image
Common Looper (Autographa precationis) Image
Eyed Baileya Moth (Baileya opthalmica) Image
Pickerelweed Borer Moth (Bellura densa) Image
Oak Besma Moth (Besma quercivoraria) Image
Blepharomastix ranalis Moth (Blepharomastix ranalis) Image
Hypena Abalienalis Moth (Bomolocha abalienalis) Image
Baltimore Bomolocha Moth (Bomolocha baltimoralis) Image
Hypena manalis Moth (Bomolocha manalis) Image
Brown Scoopwing Moth (Calledapteryx dryopterata) Image
Pink-shaded Fern Moth (Callopistria mollissima) Image
Picture-winged fly (Callopistromyia annulipes) Image
Mourning Underwing Moth (Catocala flebilis) Image
Yellow-gray Underwing Moth (Catocala retecta) Image
Spruce Budworm Moth (Choristoneura fumiferana) Image
Conchylodes ovulalis (Conchylodes ovulalis) Image
Bent-line Carpet Moth (Costaconvexa centrostrigaria) Image
Contracted Datana Moth (Datana contracta) Image
Showy Emerald Moth (Dichorda iridaria) Image
Locust Twig Borer Moth (Ecdytolopha insiticiana) Image
Dark-banded Geometer (Ecliptopera atricolorata) Image
Two-marked Treehopper (Enchenopa binotata) Image
Large Maple Spanworm (Ennomos magnaria) Image
Woolly Aphid (Eriosoma sp.) Image
The Beggar (Eubaphe mendica) Image
Deep Yellow Euchlaena (Euchlaena amoenaria) Image
Obtuse Euchlaena (Euchlaena obtusaria) Image
Forked Euchlaena (Euchlaena pectinaria) Image
Mottled Euchlaena (Euchlaena tigrinaria) Image
Lesser Grapevine Looper (Eulithis diversilineata) Image

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