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BugFiles comments by kennedyh

BugFiles: Comments by kennedyh

kennedyh has left comments for the following 34 bugs:

Bug nameThumbnail
Wood Scorpion (Cercophonius squama) Image
Imperial White (Delias harpalyce) Image
Five-spotted hawkmoth, Tomato Hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata) Image
Cinnabar Moth (Tyria jacobaeae) Image
Black Portuese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreleti) Image
Jersey Tiger Moth (Callimorpha quadripunctaria) Image
Vine Moth (Phalaenoides glycinae) Image
Australian Wood Cockroach (Panesthia australis) Image
Boxelder Bug, Eastern Boxelder Bug (Boisea trivittata) Image
Western Boxelder Bug (Boisea rubrolineatus) Image
Robber Fly (Efferia albibarbis) Image
Nectar Scarab (Phyllotocus macleayi) Image
Carrion Beetle (Ptomaphila lacrymosa) Image
The Devil's Coachhorse (Creophilus lanio) Image
Squash Bug (Anasa tristis) Image
Twice-stabbed Stink Bug, Two-spotted Stink Bug (Cosmopepla lintneriana) Image
Firefly (Photinus obscurellus)
White-tailed Spider (Lampona cylindrata) Image
Caper White (Belenois java) Image
Scale, Soft Scale Insect, Plum Scale, European Fruit Lecanium, Brown Scale (Parthenolecanium corni)
Tulcis Crescent, Pale-banded Crescent (Anthanassa tulcis) Image
Feather-footed Spider (Philoponella congregabilis) Image
Margined-winged Stick-insect (Ctenomorpha marginipennis) Image
Greengrocer, Yellow Monday, Brown Soldier, Blue Moon, Masked Devil (Cyclochila australasiae) Image
Ribbed Case Moth, Ribbed Bagworm (Hyalarcta nigrescens) Image
Bean Plataspid (Megacopta cribraria) Image
Elm Leaf Beetle (Pyrrhalta luteola) Image
Diamond-back Moth, Cabbage Moth (Plutella xylostella) Image
Bird of Paradise Fly (Callipappus rubidginosus) Image
Common Brown Earwig (Labidura truncata) Image
Leafhopper (Ledromorpha planirostris) Image
Gowned Footman (Thallarcha epiostola) Image
Ragwort Crown-boring Moth, Black-headed Conch (Cochylis atricapitana) Image
Clover Casebearer (Coleophora alcyonipennella) Image

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