California Mantis (Stagmomantis californica)

Order: Dictyoptera (dik-tee-OP-ter-a) (Info)
Family: Mantidae
Genus: Stagmomantis
Species: californica


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Blythe, California
Dublin, California
Hesperia, California
Los Angeles, California
Mission Viejo, California
North Fork, California
Petaluma, California
Reseda, California
San Francisco, California
Santa Clarita, California
Stockton, California
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Members' Notes:


On Aug 30, 2010, suewylan from North Fork, CA (Zone 7b) wrote:

Praying mantises are always fun to see in the garden, sometimes startling! I'm seeing a few this August, too, like palmbob, here in the foothills in CA. The three I've seen this week are pale, due to molting, which they can go through several times before adulthood.

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On Aug 28, 2006, palmbob from Acton, CA (Zone 8b) wrote:

This is a great bug for the garden... had a few last year and was hoping they'd stay.. but only seemed to last a month.. not sure if they didn't live any longer, or if they got eaten by birds (or our dogs).. but only seemed to be around in Aug/Sept. This year I didn't see any until July... now, in August, there are a LOT of them. Saw an egg case, too... hope even more next year. Great fun to watch, as they move, jerkily, trying to look like some leaf in the breeze. Their prefered position is upside down, hanging with their four back legs as the two huge armed front legs are kept poised in the 'praying' position, just praying for a fly to get too close.