Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa)

Order: Araneae
Family: Sicariidae
Genus: Loxosceles
Species: reclusa


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Oneonta, Alabama
Huntington, Arkansas
Chico, California
Hesperia, California
Paradise, California
Vista, California
Yucca Valley, California
Deltona, Florida
Dunnellon, Florida
North Port, Florida
Canton, Georgia
Troy, Illinois
Maceo, Kentucky
Paintsville, Kentucky
Philpot, Kentucky
Princeton, Kentucky
Coushatta, Louisiana
Hampstead, Maryland
Tecumseh, Missouri
Webb City, Missouri
Sparks, Nevada
Hampton Bays, New York
Southampton, New York
Cincinnati, Ohio
Vermilion, Ohio
Jackson, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Baytown, Texas
Houston, Texas
Red Oak, Texas
Spring, Texas
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Members' Notes:


On Sep 12, 2011, ogon from Paradise, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Reportedly, the distribution of this spider is limited to the Eastern US, but my Great Aunt lost her right index finger to a bite that occurred on farmland in Chico, CA and was attributed to the elusive Brown Recluse by her doctors. Her finger had to be amputated to stop the spread of necrosis. There have also been a handful of other local cases attributed to the elusive spider.

A couple of months ago, my cat received a wound on her side that quickly developed into necrosis. The first day that I noticed the wound, it was no larger than a small gash. By the second day, tissue surrounding had dissolved to about the diameter of a U.S. quarter and about an inch deep. I took her to the vet on the second day and they removed much of the surrounding tissue and administered antibiol... read more


On Jul 7, 2008, morrigan from Craryville, NY wrote:

I spent a week in hospital with a Brown Recluse bite in the late '90s, and they fully expected to have to amputate part of my foot for the better part of my stay. There were 5 Recluse bite cases in hospital at the time. Now, more than 10 years later (I think the bite was in 1996) I suffer from severe damage to the toes that were affected. It started with what I thought was a mosquito bite while out in the field photographing Ospreys. Over the next 4 days, it got so bad I was stoned on painkillers and walking with a crutch, seeing the Dr. once or more a day, and developed a high fever. The reg. Dr. was clueless and sent me to a surgeon. By that time (day 5) I had the telltale necrosing tissue, moving outward in concentric circles from the centre point of the bite. IV antibiotics, fl... read more