Ant Lion, Antlion, Ant-Lion (Myrmeleon mobilis)

Order: Neuroptera (noor-OP-ter-a) (Info)
Family: Myrmeleontidae
Genus: Myrmeleon
Species: mobilis


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Hereford, Arizona
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Members' Notes:


On May 18, 2013, Sceloporous from Lebanon, PA wrote:

Raised these as a kid many years ago. About four years ago while getting rid of the lawn using rocks, blocks, bricks, and plantings, decided that the ants invading our home every spring were a bit too much to tolerate. Tried diatomaceous earth around the foundation, but that had to be replaced as needed. Ran a row of bricks around the foundation and filled in with loose fine dirt and sand. They say 'if you build it they will come'...and they did. The female antlions took over the area, and every year I have a bumper crop of larval "sentries" waiting in their pits for ants. Works for them, and works for me, too.


On Aug 12, 2012, trixtersixx from Bright, IN (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have discoverd about 20 larva in their pits around my apt building this yr in southeastern Indiana, i never knew we had them this far north. So far they have not affected anything. They make realy cool pets in the larva stage, and can stay in that stage for up to 3 yrs. Just fill a bowl or large cup with about 3" of sand or loose dirt and add your antlion. I moved alot of them close to an ant colony iv been fighting, by gently scooping them out of their pits with a spoon and placing them along the ant trail. needless to say, they are very well fed and im seeing less of those big red pests!