Checkered White (Pontia protodice)

Order: Lepidoptera (le-pid-OP-ter-a) (Info)
Family: Pieridae (pee-AIR-ih-dee) (Info)
Genus: Pontia
Species: protodice


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Barling, Arkansas
Deer, Arkansas
Marion, Arkansas
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lutz, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Divernon, Illinois
Elephant Butte, New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico
Edinburg, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
Red Oak, Texas
San Isidro, Texas
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Members' Notes:


On Mar 2, 2008, TexasPuddyPrint from Edinburg, TX wrote:

These are lovely dainty white butterflies checkered with black. When the native Pepperweed "lentejilla" (Lepidium virginicum) starts to sprout and fill the fields around the end of March you can count hundreds of these at the ranch. Females are constantly flitting throughout the Pepperweed to lay their eggs.


On Aug 28, 2006, artcons from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Zone 10b) wrote:

I checked it as positive 'cause any butterfly in my yard is a positive thing.
I have seen it feed on Firebush, Chaya and in my picture on Smooth Strongbark, Bourreria cassinifolia.
I have not found cat's from this butterfly.


On Aug 4, 2006, Magpye from NW Qtr, AR (Zone 6a) wrote:

Males patrol flats seeking receptive females, who lay eggs singly on leaves and flowers of host plants. Buds, flowers, and fruits are favorite foods of caterpillars, but they will also eat leaves. A short-day form appears in spring and fall. Chrysalids hibernate.

Caterpillar hosts: Plants in the mustard family (Brassicaceae) including cabbage (Brassica oleraceae); and caper family (Capparidaceae) including Rocky Mountain bee-plant (Cleome serrulata).

Habitat: Wide variety of sites including dry weedy areas, vacant lots, fields, pastures, sandy areas, railroad beds, and roads.

Range: Permanent resident in southern United States and northern Mexico; temporary in northern United States and southern Canada. Does not occur in most of New England.