Assassin Bug, Masked Hunter (Reduvius personatus)

Order: Hemiptera
Family: Reduviidae
Genus: Reduvius
Species: personatus


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Dickerson, Maryland
Willoughby, Ohio
Norfolk, Virginia
Casper, Wyoming

Members' Notes:


On Jan 3, 2022, jann1033 from Kirtland Hills, OH wrote:

Have seen them occasionally,(NE Ohio) more so when I had Roman chamomile as my garden path I assume due to ample hiding places( RC spreads too much for that, learn from my mistake). I donít ever find predators a negative since I donít use chemicals. I grow tons of wildflowers to offset any beneficials they may eat. Never been bit but I try to wear gloves since Iím much more afraid of spiders lol. Imo a healthy echo system is worth the extra effort it takes .


On May 17, 2010, cecrophia from Casper, WY wrote:

The first instars of Reduvius secrete a sticky substance with which they glue bits of lint or dust on themselves. As adults, Reduvius are voracious predators of just about any insect they find including beneficials. Their feeding mouthpart, called a rostrum, consists of a stabbing tube held curled against the body when not in use.With it, the insect both injects its prey with a venom which paralyzes and dissolves its tissues and then sucks the liquid. If you are very careful when handling one, the insect will rasp this beak against a place on its underparts, making a sandpapery warning sound. You must be very cautious when handling any of the Reduvius genus, as the rostrum is extremely sharp and the insect will not hesitate to stab you with it: the injected venom is among the world's most ... read more