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Orchard OrbWeaver, Venusta OrbWeaver (Leucauge venusta)

Order: Araneae (ah-RAY-nee-ee) (Info)
Family: Tetragnathidae
Genus: Leucauge
Species: venusta


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Barling, Arkansas
Brooksville, Florida
Lake Mary, Florida
Lecanto, Florida
Lutz, Florida
Mc David, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Barnesville, Georgia
Midway, Georgia
Muncie, Indiana
New Iberia, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana
Opelousas, Louisiana
Oakland, Maryland
Florence, South Carolina
Ridgeville, South Carolina
Summerville, South Carolina
Houston, Texas
Katy, Texas
Santa Fe, Texas
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Members' Notes:


On Sep 4, 2014, Tired_Yeti from Katy, TX wrote:

About the size of a quarter (including legs). Young spiders build webs closer to the ground while older spiders build webs higher up. The female builds a web and lives on it. She lives on the underside of the web so that when you look at her from the top, you see her underside. The underside of her abdomen looks dark green with 2 orange spots and an orange, curved stripe. From a distance, it looks like a "Smilie" face. We had one who built quite a large web (approx. 3 feet). My wife named her "Pumpkin" because she reminded us of a jack-o-lantern. They are very motivated about maintaining their webs and quickly reconstruct them when damaged. I had one at the base of a tree and while I was spraying a poison ivy plant, I accidentally destroyed her web (about 2' across) with the sprayer wand. ... read more


On Nov 29, 2007, trois from Santa Fe, TX (Zone 9b) wrote:

A very beautiful small spider. Iridescent back in sunlight.