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Welcome to BirdFiles, a database designed to help birders identify the birds in their gardens and in nature. BirdFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 676 people from around the world. Any registered user may add new birds, images, comments, and ZIP codes.

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neutral DMersh 3 weeks ago

Extremely aggressive birds, constantly fighting over food. Noisy and not a very nice birdsong either, sometimes masses in huge groups, more

neutral PAgardnergirl 4 weeks ago

Back in the '60s when I was a teenager Pheasants were VERY common in Eastern PA, but then I believe there were strong efforts to bring more

neutral rebecaluvsbirds July 2016

4 hawks seen and heard including at least 1 juvenile, daily, since july 6th. Never seen this species before this year. I got great more

neutral ManhattanJewess July 2016

They're all over the catskills. As a matter of fact I'm having a terrible problem with them eating the suet I leave out for the more

neutral Kell July 2016

The 2 photos I posted are not mine. Nest made in a teddybear cholla cacti. Photo courtesy of; copyright of Jan Emming of more