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neutral Kell Today

Per Jan Emming of Destination:Forever Ranch and Gardens, a 40 acre desert botanical garden/sustainable living homestead in Arizona. " more

positive Flapdoodle 5 days ago

Seen often on our family farm SE of Minot, ND. Back in the late 1950s, had some great pheasant hunting in SW North Dakota...

positive cybercrone 2 weeks ago

I have one, but living in Canada, he's an indoor bird. I have had parrots, large and small, for almost 50 years and find these guys to more

positive PattyOelze 3 weeks ago

I love these birds. Ever since we moved to the Ozarks we have had hundreds of bird visitors and these are one of my favorites. I have more

positive luella10 last month

We have a Cooper's Hawk who hangs out in our yard from time to time. As others have noted, we know he's around when the other birds get more