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negative j3maloney 2 days ago

While this is a beautiful bird, I have a grudge against it. Every year, my black raspberry bushes get completely stripped of ripe fruit. more

positive SoooSirius 2 days ago

These birds love a suet feeder. They're a little skittish, but love to chirp and sing from a place hidden deep in the foliage shadows. I more

neutral candyinpok 2 days ago

These birds nest in my bushes every spring and raise their young on my blueberries. I'm not crazy about that idea, but since they feed more

positive brutusmother 2 days ago

We have a male Hooded Merganser near my home. He regularly is seen hanging out with a pair of Mallard ducks. When we had historic more

negative smallplot 5 weeks ago

These birds are the bane of my existence because of the constant racket they make. I can't believe noise at such volume can come from more