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neutral jackiescompost 4 weeks ago

To 006966 in Bluffton... I know how you feel. While the hawk is a beautiful and impressive bird, I hate it when they visit my yard for more

positive Wingtips56 last month

These woodpeckers are seasonal regulars here in the Redwood forests in NW California. Plenty of (big!) old trees to keep them busy. I more

neutral treesmoocher last month

We always have these around (West Virginia) and I like them...but they have been working to "rid" our house and outbuildings of more

positive klw414 last month

We have seen the pileated woodpeckers on our property in Newnan, GA, for many years. They lived in a dead tree behind our house until more

positive jemerk last month

Monty and Rose, a pair of Piping Plovers identified by colored leg bands, are citywide celebrities in Chicago for successfully fledging more