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Bird Files

Welcome to BirdFiles, a database designed to help birders identify the birds in their gardens and in nature. BirdFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 676 people from around the world. Any registered user may add new birds, images, comments, and ZIP codes.

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positive ParkerOak 6 days ago

Here in the Driftless area of west central Wisconsin we see blue jays a bit in the spring, rarely in the summer, and then all the time more

positive westwick 6 days ago

Their return is a true sign that Spring has arrived. They are a beautiful sight as they ride the thermals majestically over the Little more

positive Vacula333 6 days ago

We have two mating pair that roost nearby. My roommate feeds the animals, the cats are the goal, but the other animals like to eat the more

positive lisa48317 6 days ago

Last week, one swooped over my neighbor's house and around her yard, before landing on top of her shed with what might have been a more

positive 1moretree 6 days ago

I live in the southwest Ohio/Cincinnati region, and we get quite a few Turkey Vultures around here; particularly along State Rt. 52 more