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neutral AndreaSC last month

I just saw 2 juveniles in San Antonio.

neutral kennedyh last month

Domestic duck are all descended from the Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos.. There are now many named varieties, including the Khaki Campbell

positive RosinaBloom last month

There are three subspecies of Anas superciliosa:- Australasian Duck - Australia, Indonesia, Southern New Guinea (rogersi, Mathews more

positive RosinaBloom last month

The Manky Mallard is a species of the domesticated Wild Mallard. Drakes engage in behaviour unique in the waterfowl world. A few more

positive AmyInNH last month

I only see these in spring, early in the day, at the sunflower feeder. They look to be babies the parents are bringing, very dark shiny more