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Bird Files

Welcome to BirdFiles, a database designed to help birders identify the birds in their gardens and in nature. BirdFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 676 people from around the world. Any registered user may add new birds, images, comments, and ZIP codes.

There are 3,525 birds listed, with 8,035 images and 953 comments in our database.

neutral Snerticus last month

While they are pretty to look at, they are invasive and unfortunately are known to carry psittacosis (also called ornithosis, parrot feve...read more

positive 2QandLearn last month

The first time I saw these birds I was riding my bicycle alone, and was passing by a rural school (not in session). There was absolutely...read more

neutral MsSassyplants last month

I love Bluejays, but........... I can shed a little light on the mystery of why they are considered bullies and aggressive and why some s...read more

positive Rickwebb July 2015

I've seen this wonderful, quick little bird since youth at hummingbird feeders or at flowers. I remember one male feeding from the Scarle...read more

positive Rickwebb July 2015

I usually see this wonderful little bird in late winter or spring and in fall. It always appears as a flock making quick simple sounds. I...read more