Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Cardinalidae
Genus: Passerina
Species: ciris


This bird has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Barling, Arkansas
San Diego, California
Cape Coral, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Hollywood, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida (2 reports)
Lake Worth, Florida
Lehigh Acres, Florida
Melbourne, Florida
Miami, Florida
Mulberry, Florida
North Port, Florida
Ocoee, Florida
Orange Park, Florida
Starke, Florida
West Palm Beach, Florida
Augusta, Georgia
Jekyll Island, Georgia
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Purvis, Mississippi
Southport, North Carolina
Barnwell, South Carolina
Edisto Island, South Carolina
Summerville, South Carolina
Sumter, South Carolina
Bryan, Texas
Carlsbad, Texas
Cedar Creek, Texas (2 reports)
Dayton, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas (3 reports)
Johnson City, Texas
Kempner, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Zapata, Texas
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Members' Notes:


On Feb 6, 2013, Adrastia217 from Davie, FL (Zone 10b) wrote:

I love these pretty little birds! The all yellow/green females & rainbow colored males, bring me joy every winter. I really make sure my bird feeders are full when they're around.


On Apr 30, 2011, mamafrog from Augusta, GA wrote:

Last summer we had one painted bunting on our feeders all summer. We were so excited because we had never seen one here before. Now the best we have two that feed all day late into the evening. After many years of feeding and watching we are so happy to have them in our yard.


On Mar 29, 2011, DonnaBen from Ocoee, FL wrote:

This painted bunting has been feeding in my back yard since January. He and his female companion visit my feeder more than 5 times a day. And this is Central Florida. Just beautiful!


On Mar 7, 2011, daddiopb from Hollywood, FL wrote:

We have 2 adult males and 1 baby male, 5 adult females and 1 baby at our feeder all day long. So beautiful and shy.


On Mar 1, 2011, KirbyW from Southport, NC wrote:

This bird is found on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, both male and female. They usually appear in the early spring, although are seen throughout the year.


On Feb 7, 2011, loveplantz from Cape Coral, FL wrote:

We feed the birds all year and in winter the painted buntings can be seen everyday at the feeders. I have read that they prefer white millet but I have not seen it for sale otherwise I would get some.


On Mar 21, 2010, Martin_Taylor from Mountain Home, AR (Zone 6b) wrote:

Occasional male, when it warms up. Have not seen a female at the feeders.


On Jan 29, 2010, plantladylin from (Zone 1) wrote:

I love this colorful little bird. They have been frequent visitors to the feeders this winter. My bird book says their diet mainly consists of seeds but may include fruit and insects as well.