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African Grey Parrot, Congo Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus)

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Genus: Psittacus
Species: erithacus


This bird has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Lillian, Alabama
Tennille, Georgia
Pearland, Texas

Members' Notes:


On Nov 21, 2016, cybercrone from Dundas,, ON (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have one, but living in Canada, he's an indoor bird. I have had parrots, large and small, for almost 50 years and find these guys to be about the smartest and funniest.
They will carry on a real conversation with you if they have enough exposure to language.
The one I have now is the first young male I've had, and the first young bird I've had that I haven't raised from an egg.
He is a spoiled 'teenager' now and can be very destructive if he's not kept occupied with something to keep that brain busy. His favourite game is to wait until my back is turned and then grab any available dishes and drop them on the tile floor to hear them smash.
We talk and sing and dance and snuggle and life would not be the same without him.


On Jan 30, 2011, Fires_in_motion from Vacherie, LA (Zone 9a) wrote:

My next-door neighbor has a pair of these birds. They live outdoors year-round (even when temps. get down to the mid-20's F), along with dozens of other bird species, in an amazingly-landscaped paradise of a backyard. The Grays whistle all the time, and even do a catcall whenever I bend over for any reason. The amazing thing is that they are hidden behind a thick 7' tall holly fence, so I can't even see them, but they can somehow see me.


On May 18, 2009, LeeGreen from Lillian, AL wrote:

From time to time an African Grey Congo parrot visits my garden. She looks exactly like the photos you have posted. She is usually accompanied by a Blue Front Amazon parrot. You guessed it, they are our bird-children. Sugar, the Congo is bonded to me: Xena the Amazon to my partner. Xena loves me too, and will ask to visit and play with me. However Sugar thinks everyone but me is her enemy. We love these girls and enjoy their company immensely. They share all our meals, go for walks, have happy hour on the deck, sit on our shoulders to watch TV. These lovely birds add so much to our garden and our lives.