Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna)

Order: Apodiformes
Family: Trochilidae
Genus: Calypte
Species: anna


This bird has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Chandler, Arizona
El Mirage, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
, British Columbia
Calabasas, California
Calistoga, California
Canoga Park, California
Cotati, California
Fairfield, California
Groveland-big Oak Flat, California
Kelseyville, California
Klamath River, California
La Jolla, California
Rancho Mirage, California
Salinas, California
San Diego, California (4 reports)
San Francisco, California
San Jose, California
Scotts Valley, California
Solvang, California
Valley Village, California
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Henderson, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Gold Hill, Oregon
Portland, Oregon (3 reports)
Salem, Oregon
Troutdale, Oregon
Springville, Utah
Enumclaw, Washington
Vancouver, Washington (2 reports)
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Members' Notes:


On Mar 19, 2017, AFinSD from San Diego, CA wrote:

This is a species of hummingbird that appears year-round in Southern California.

I have seen them on numerous occasions and at several different locations throughout San Diego. Hummies are the best; everything about them is just SO CUTE!


On Mar 10, 2013, HeidiKHandmade from Vancouver, WA wrote:

A very rare visitor, here. I've seen a few in years past, but they don't seem to stick around for long. Probably migrating.


On Sep 24, 2012, Ainttalkin from Groveland-Big Oak Flat, CA wrote:

Living in the mountains not far from Yosemite, I have Anna's year round. The males start attracting a mate in November and December, flashing their red, even during a snow storm. They breed early in the year mostly to avoid the aggressive Rufus Hummingbird. Most females nest mid-January to mid-April. I am keeping my feeders out all year.


On Feb 19, 2012, ksmithii from Rancho Mirage, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

I have had one male reserve my back yard as his for the last 11 months. His mother had my back yard before he did. I have photos of the mother feeding him when he first learned to fly. He has leaned to tolerate my presents and has become quite bold like flying into the house when I'm refilling one of the feeders and hovers around watching my every move. Now he has let a female hummer into my yard. February 23, 2011, I photographed them mating! She is now pregnant. I am still searching for the nest, as I follow them to a tree 30 yds away. I will download some photos of the happy couple!


On Dec 14, 2009, DracoVolans from Crestline, CA (Zone 8b) wrote:

There are a couple of these pretty little guys who've have staked out my neighbour's feeder and her geranium as their territory. The male serenades everyone most mornings, and he flits past my head on occasion, sounding like an enormous bee. :) Lovely colours on these flitters, too.

I've been lucky in that he's mellow enough to allow me to get within a few feet of him to take his picture! My photos aren't super high-quality, but you definitely get the "character" of this bird!


On Feb 9, 2009, Gardening_Jim from Vancouver, WA wrote:

For a number of years now I have had a pair stay year round. When it freezes I bring the feeders in at night so they will have food in the morning. It's amazing how these little guys can survive the coldest days here. It's great fun seeing Hummers in the winter.