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NameMeaning 1Meaning (Alt)PronunciationPronunciation (Alt)
Acanthophoenix From the Greek ákantha (thorn) and phoenix (date palm), referring to its resemblance to this plant   ak-anth-oh-FEE-niks
Archontophoenix Prince (chief) and phoenix (date palm)   ar-kon-toh-FEE-niks
Beccariophoenix A date palm (phoenix) named for Dr. Odoardo Beccari, 20th century Florentine (Italy) palm collector and author   bek-kahr-ee-oh-FEE-niks
Brassiophoenix A date palm (phoenix) named for William Brass, 18th century English botanist and plant collector in Africa   brass-ee-oh-FEE-niks
Chuniophoenix Named for Professor W.Y. Chun, 20th century director of the Botanical Institute at Sun Yatsen University (now Zhongshan University), in Guangzhou, China; and phoenix (date palm)   choo-nee-oh-FEE-niks
Cyphophoenix From the Greek kyphos (tumor, hump) and phoenix (the date palm)   sy-foh-FEE-niks
Lemurophoenix From the Greek lemur (nocturnal spirits) and phoenix (date palm),   lee-mur-oh-FEE-niks
Phoenix From the Greek name for a date palm   FEE-niks
Pseudophoenix From the Greek pseudo (false) and phoenix (date palm)   soo-doh-FEE-niks