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Today's bloom is Clematis Species (Clematis terniflora)

Bloom of the Day for October 31st, 2007:

Type of plant: Vines and Climbers

Bloom color: White/Near White

Bloom time of year: Late Summer/Early Fall, Mid Fall

Sun requirements: Sun to Partial Shade

Cold hardiness: Zone 4a to Zone 9b

Height: 20-30 ft. (6-9 m)

Spacing: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

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threegardeners wrote:
Beautiful!! I have decided I must have one of these.

plantladylin wrote:
Oh My! It grows in my zone and it's Fragrant too! Another GOTTA HAVE IT! Going now to check if any vendors have it for sale! LOL.

LarryR wrote:
This is a really great vine. I've been growing it here in Iowa for the past 25 years or so. It covers trellises on our house, on our lath house and on our screen house. We also have a vine growing up into a our 35-foot blue spruce. The contrast with the tree foliage when it blooms is spectacular. It self-sows in our gardens, just short of being weedy. I dig up the volunteers, pot them up and

plantladylin wrote:
After reading more about this plant ... as Beautiful as it is, I think I've totally changed my mind about growing it. If it is invasive in zone 5 and 7 I'd be afraid it would take over everything down here in zone 9 Florida. I have to check the Fla invasive species list to see if its there - Yep, it's a Catagory II invasive here in Florida. I will not be enjoying this one. :(

LarryR wrote:
It's not invasive here in my Zone 5a garden, but I can see where it would be in warmer zones. If it should ever spread beyond our gardens and around our neighborhood, I would certainly stop growing it. I do welcome the volunteer plants, not only as gifts to friends, but as replacements for dead vines in our gardens. Typically, the life span of a vine here is five or six years.