Today's bloom is English Pea 'Strike' (Pisum sativum)

Bloom of the Day for May 12th, 2010:

Type of plant: Vegetables

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Cold hardiness: Not Applicable

Height: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

Spacing: 3-6 in. (7-15 cm)

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onewish1 wrote:
this shot should be on a calendar!!... good job!!!

Kell wrote:
LOL Kin. This is a beautiful shot!

GardenGuyKin wrote:
Excellent pic of the peas, Farmerdill ! Even peas deserve photo of the day! I remember as a kid filling my front shirt with them and then sitting under the maple tree eating them like candy. Those were the days ;-)

Kell wrote:
They deserve a place right next to my mash potatoes too. LOVE fresh peas! I eat them raw too, Kin! Farmerdill always has great photos! As a child I would sneak into my neighbor's veggie garden and sit in among the tomatoes and just eat them till I was sick. Gosh I was a bad neighbor!