Today's bloom is Aloe 'Variegata' (Aloe perfoliata)

Bloom of the Day for September 25th, 2010:

Type of plant: Tropicals and Tender Perennials, Cactus and Succulents

Bloom color: Red

Bloom time of year: Late Winter/Early Spring

Sun requirements: Sun to Partial Shade, Light Shade

Cold hardiness: Zone 9b to Zone 11

Height: under 6 in. (15 cm), 6-12 in. (15-30 cm)

Spacing: 9-12 in. (22-30 cm), 12-15 in. (30-38 cm)

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GardenGuyKin wrote:
Beautiful specimen as well as your patio and yard!

Kell wrote:
Oh Kin, I so want this one! LOL Zone10 has great succulents!

zone10 wrote:
Thank you Kin and Kell! Not sure how this photo ended up as Bloom of the Day, but a nice accolade just the same.

Kell wrote:
I am on the BOTD committee and this is my month to pick, Zone10. I do not limit myself to just blooms, for I feel some plants are so beautiful and colorful they are close enough to a bloom! I like to vary my picks over a great range so people who are not usually exposed to such plants get a chance to experience them and maybe they will get interested in them. I used to be such a flower floozy b

zone10 wrote:
Thanks Kell, and I should have known you would be on the BOTD committee. You've always seem to have an eye for beautiful/quality plants. So how do you sift through all of the plant photos to narrow down a nominee?