Today's bloom is Bell-fruited mallee (Eucalyptus preissiana)

Bloom of the Day for October 15th, 2010:

Type of plant: Trees

Bloom color: Bright Yellow

Bloom time of year: Late Winter/Early Spring, Mid Spring

Sun requirements: Full Sun

Cold hardiness: Zone 9b

Height: 8-10 ft. (2.4-3 m)

Spacing: 10-12 ft. (3-3.6 m)

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plantladylin wrote:
Absolutely Stunning!

Kell wrote:
Thanks and thanks to you to Kin! I didn't even recognize this photo as mine. This is a really pretty Eucalyptus. I had no clue until a couple of years ago that there were such varied flowers in the different cultivars of the Eucalyptus. Plants never fail to amaze me. Some really frilly pink to a so huge yellow. I love how the blooms open!

growin wrote:
amazing photo! Love the blue background and the multiple colors in the leaves and blooms. Nice one, Kell!

locakelly wrote:
Great picture Kell! I have never seen a Eucalypyus bloom until now - awesome;o)

onewish1 wrote:
love that shot!!